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I won't be participating in art festivals for a while, and am selling my ProPanels and accessories. I'm the second owner of these, bought in 2 batches from their original owners. I recovered several in new sleeves so I would have plenty of panels for a 10 x 20 booth:

- (8) 6-foot x 38" wide panels in Oatmeal (reads as a light gray) 
- (5) [img]7-foot[/img]x 38" wide panels in Oatmeal
- (2) 7-foot x 38" wide panels in Dark Green (discontinued)
- (1) 7-foot x 38" wide panel with no covering

By turning the 7-foot panels upside down, I have 13 nearly identical height Oatmeal panels, and 3 spares: 2 green, 1 naked.

Also included:
- (2) shelves / supports in Oatmeal (virtually unused)
- (2) Long telescoping bars: 7 - 12 feet 
- (1) Short telescoping bar: 4 - 7 feet
- (1) "2-in-1" telescoping bar: 46 - 122 inches
- (1) adjustable stiffener: 5 positions
- (2) standard stiffeners
- Lots of velcro strap fasteners
- Lots of S-hooks
- Lots of drapery hooks for mounting directly to carpet
- 15+ anchor hangers and around 15 extensions

In adding everything up, the retail value of these is around $2300. I'm asking $1,500 or best offer.

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Hi. Im interested in only 2 of your ProPanels. Would you be willing to sell them separately? If so how much. I live in the chicago area. Thank You, Tina Fischer. Here is my email.


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