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Mixed Aqueous Painting

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First show ever

My first competition was an entry in the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union) Poster Contest for which I received $3., a Ribbon and a Public Display in my school. My first art exhibit as an adult: Big Sandy Art Show,(TX) 1960

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What are the best things about art fairs

-Preparing one's work for public display and comment -Talking with patrons of the arts both young and old -Taking note of what customers are looking for -Noting what doesn't sell and what does -Seeing a body of work in it's display surroundings -Talking with other artists and craftsmen who are on MY level of interest

Best show ever and why

So many, it is difficult to pinpoint, but the 1970 Sears-sponsored Contemporary Southern Art Show was memorable for the huge number of juried artists displayed and the awards given: Best of Show Watercolor, an award I received and have always appreciated. The year-long tour of the Best of Show Winners in each category were shown in Museums across the South and culminated in a competition with other regional Sears Shows in Chicago. Why was it my Best? Because the judge chose to recognize my individualism and interpretation in watercolor over the 'rules' of composition! I received a good deal of comment and good-natured kidding when the awards were given out and THAT was really what 'made the show' for me.

Worst show ever and why

There have been plenty of non-profitable shows in my career, but I choose not to dwell on them as being worse or worst. There's always something good about each one. The one with the least approachable visitors was the St. Peters, MO Lutheran School show. I have no clue as to why they were not interactive but as far as the show itself was concerned it was a first-timer and as we all know it can go either way. The promoter was not at fault in any way and has always been more than good to deal with in her other shows...so I guess it was just an unexplainable bad day.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

As a juried member of Artful Vision.com I received a link from our founder, Maxine Gardner. I have received ArtFairCalendar notices of Shows for some time but this link led me to look further into the site and I noted a 'new' look and was very impressed with the very up-to-date reviews of shows which are of interest to me.

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  • Miss you my friend.....

  • Red Ribbon
  • Kathleen!  Hey girl!  Thanks for adding me as a friend and your works look awesome on here!  Hugs from one K to another!

  • Thank you, Kathleen, for referring Barbara Burns to Art Fair Insiders.
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  • Hi Kathleen,
    We've been in Jefferson since August of 2009, and haven't experienced a RedBarnFestival.  I am pretty sure it still happens, but in a very small format.
    Iowa shows:  Riverbank and Thieves Market in Iowa City; the IowaCitySummerOfTheArts is a good one also; ValleyJunctionArtMarket in WestDesMoines; Octagon in Ames; LinnCreekArts in Marshalltown; CollegeHill (hopefully) in CedarFalls (waitlisted!); ArtsOnThePrairie in Perry; possibly ArtsInThePark at Okoboji.
    What shows are good in Missouri?  I just heard that I was accepted to both PrairieVillageArtFestival in Kansas City AND 57thStreetArtFestival in Chicago, which of course, are on the same weekend.  Decisions, decisons.
    Later, KC
  • Hi Kathleen, 10-12 inches, hmmm?  Where are you located?  Central Iowa turned white again overnight as well.  I have an application to get sent today for an outdoor show on April 30th.  Surely spring is just around the corner!
  • Hi Kathleen,

    I also look forward to more interactions, online and someday in person as we both weave our way around the art fair circuit this summer. Happy creating!

    : )

  • Hi Kathleen, how you doing? I am doing fine, got a cold and am still working.  Making lots of stuff, my studio is full of new orders from my Madison wholesale show.
  • Kathleen,

    Lovely work. It was nice to visit your shared website and see the wonderful opportunities buyers have to not only purchase fine art and hand-crafted items, but to also now that part of the proceeds go to one of the charities. What a great win/win.


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