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Oktoberfest Southlake, Texas

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What are the best things about art fairs

1. Learning that someone will pay their hard-earned money for something I've made. 2. Letting other people see my work. 3. Break the routine of the shop environment. 4. Meeting new people - artists and customers alike.

Best show ever and why

War Eagle Fair Hindsville, AR Huge crowd. Just before the Christmas holidays. The economy had not yet taken it's downturn. People willing to spend money without worrying about the economy. Beautiful weather in a lovely location.

Worst show ever and why

Texas Arts & Crafts Festival Kerrville, Texas A storm came through the second night and wiped me out. Tore up my tents, threw my merchandise all over the grounds. Packed up and came home.

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Just happened to stumble onto it while searching the web.

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  • Congrats Don on winning the Blog Post of the Week - 11/12/12.
  • Beautiful baskets, Don. Thanks for adding them to the site. These should do well in Louisville.

  • Thank you for your generous support!
  • Many thanks, Don, for your continued support!
  • Hi,
    We've only done about 6 shows and am not sure how long we will continue but it it's easier to set up the likelyhood of doing it longer is a greater possibility. I guess we're a little crazy to take on this type of thing at this stage of our life but guess it will help to keep us young and moving. My husband had a major heart attack in Aug and I want to keep him occupied and busy. I keep changing what I create almost every time we do a show so not sure to tell you the amount of items.  Probably 25 items and they can range from  driftwood crosses to 12 X 12" planter boxes to vintage bottles. We also do wind chimes but I'm pretty set there as I have a rack to hang them on, so that's no problem. It's just at our age we need to keep in simple, lightweight and still try and look professional.  Always open for a better way to set up our booth.  Thanks for replying. If I remember correctly, you are from Texas.  We worked that state, south part for many years.

  • Did you ever come up with a idea for your booth that is light weight. I am looking for some idea that looks professional and isn't heavy as we are in our 70's and husband has a bad back.
  • Happy birthday, Don! I hope this is a great one for you with lots of fun and friends.

    Welcome back to our little gang here - I hope this means great art fairs are in your future.
  • Many, many thanks for your support!
  • Please, Don, don't think I was criticizing crafts. It is just, not knowing what you do, I was unsure to which type of show to direct you. Enjoy Main Street - it is a blast!
  • You should go to Main Street. It is great fun. My hubby and I went last year even though I was not showing. We bought a beautiful small bronze sculpture. As for other shows, what kind of work do you do? Some shows are more art and others are more craft. Also, I submitted for nine shows this Spring and got into three. So don't let the rejections throw you too much.
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