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Litchfield Pk, AZ please like us on facebook glassdesignbydarylcohen

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https://glassdesignbydarylcohen.com please

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money to pay my bills

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Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show - sales

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Prescott AZ in June - sales

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internet search

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  • Many thanks for your pledge again, Daryl & Kevin. I really appreciate the support from you and so many others that keep our website alive and well and bringing you all the news from art fair land.
  • Thank you, Daryl, for referring Patricia A. Schneider to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Daryl this one is for you...a Judaica  event and I found it!  

    An opportunity for you...
    For vendor information: http://congregationmerkaz.org/Vendor_information.html
    For vendor application: 
  • Thanks, Daryl!  Where is the Southwest Artists Group located.  I would appreciate any information you can give me on who to contact.

    Barbara Posner

  • Thank you, Daryl, for referring Kevin Frosch to Art Fair Insiders.
  • Thank you Daryl! It is reassuring to have a name/face with someone who will be at Breckenridge. How many times have you done Mark's fairs?


  • Daryl,  cancelling territorial days was one of the smartest moves you probably made.. artist are crying the blues.  Most of us are doing very poorly.  i still have not made my booth fee and it is sat. night.  Also the show is filled with a lot of buy sell.  Booth three down from me is selling sunglasses, not painted just regular sunglasses.  the wind spinners are here ( probably made in mexico or china)  someone is selling those stupid hats with fake hair in  them  there is a lot of schlock.   I did meet James S.  he is in back of me.  So you have missed nothing.

  • Thanks for your generous support!
  • Yep it came through to me.......or you can send messages to my email at mgaenterprises@yahoo.com. What questions do you have....................JIm

  • By the way how did others do at best fest.   was suppose to do it but i messed up my right leg and could not walk,  I am still having trouble with leg  so resting till tempe.  and maybe will do a one day show in scottsdale at end of march and in april   

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