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publisher of ArtFairCalendar.com & ArtFairInsiders.com; art fair organizer and consultant

Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

Royal Oak, MI, and the following weekend the State Street Show in Ann Arbor. Baptism by fire!

What is your website?


What are the best things about art fairs

When you go home with fat pockets.

Best show ever and why

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair 2001 - best sales ever at an art show, lots of money flowing in the streets of Ann Arbor. We went home and paid all our bills!

Worst show ever and why

As beginners, grasping at anything, got talked into an "art show" at Boysville, a fundraiser at a rural boy's reformatory. The first day we pocketed $5 in sales. Instead of spending the night we cancelled our hotel reservation and went home.

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

I started ArtFairInsiders.com to build an online community around the nation's art fair business so artists and others could connect with one another for mutual support and fellowship. Here is a recent interview "about me" http://boomerwizdom.com/2012/07/connie-mettler/ Another one on Barney Davey's Art Business Blog: Art Fair Insiders - Connie Mettler - the Real Deal: http://www.artprintissues.com/2012/08/art-fair-insiders-connie-mettler-is-the-real-deal-.html Learn more "about us" at this link: http://www.blubrry.com/kjmastaw/745687/connie-mettler-art-fair-calendar-queen-may-212010/ Here is my story in the ZAPP News, 8/1/13: Industry Spotlight: Connie Mettler, Creator of ArtFairInsiders and ArtFairCalendar https://www.zapplication.org/news_post.phtml?post_id=507

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  • Hi Connie, Thanks for the welcome to this site. I'm grateful for all the information available to members. Working diligently to be prepared for a great fall season, 15 wood sculptures and a dozen photographic prints in various formats. I love creating my art and since this is my first effort at doing this I'm being optimistic about the potential returns from my investment.
    Thanks again for reaching out. Hoping the best for everyone involved.
  • Thank you for accepting me to this page. I am sure I will learn a lot and look forward to everyone's posts.
  • I'm 78 and doing great. Just finished cutting up large 40" ponderosa pine for firewood. Several Suburban loads of rounds and blocks split with 8 lb. sledge and wedges. Glad to hear you are still active too. I got behind on work this summer and am just now shipping out three summer trick saddles. I have 3 September, 3 January and 2 stock trick saddles in the works now that I hope to finish by June. Oh, and then there is that roper I started in 2007 that is slowly getting done. Business is good for me, but inflation and shipping are driving up cost of materials. I will be applying to two Estes Park shows, Carbondale, CO and Golden, CO this week. I had inventory all set for 2020, now I need to get it sold. Jean had a hip replaced but is doing fine.
    Best wishes,
  • Hello every one, I live in North Jersey, i am self thought artist, most of my art is on canvases. Oil and acrylics. I would like to take part in art shows, Like to get advise from experts, which will good art show either in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York or in Pennsylvania. Thank you so much for your help
  • Hi, Connie! Thank you so much for your nice welcome to Art Fair Insiders! This is a fantastic resource! I have been listening to all of your podcast episodes and they are helping me get my head back in the show game for a few upcoming shows after a long Covid break. My best wishes to you!
  • 6. Where is the location for the controls to make changes to the layout and colors for My Page? You said it was at the upper left of a page but I cannot find it on My page?

    J.R. Beatty
  • New Fashioned Changes ?
    Posted by J.R. Beatty = GATOR DADDY PHOTO on August 18, 2021 at 5:35pm
    1. I do not like some of the initial visible changes to your website. But I am waiting to see if that changes.

    2. I was happy with the colors and arrangement of "My Page" profile and photos before but apparently this option is no longer available? I am waiting to see if visible / customizing / improvement options will be made available soon. The new "My Page" is dull, colorless, grey, ...

    3. On the new, "My Page" - can the unneeded 'zero' be removed from before my name to become "J.R. Beatty = GATOR DADDY PHOTO"?


    J.R. Beatty

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  • Did you receive this earlier blog feedback post?

    Website Changes Comments Continued
    Posted by J.R. Beatty = GATOR DADDY PHOTO on August 21, 2021 at 8:06pm
    4.The verbage "Your Medium" is confusing and extraneous.  I would prefer you to remove it from My Page.  Just show the actual work products and note.

    5. The size of the photograaphs on the righthand side and the writing fonts have been made larger and more viewable.

    Thank you,

    J. R.Beatty 


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  • Connie,

    Hello from Delray Beach, Florida.


  • Hi Connie!  I thought what you wrote was fascinating and, much more importantly, I hope it's accurate.  You're certainly right about the price points between photographers and artists.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the bulk of what artists sold were giclées (copies) of their work, rather than original paintings.  In any case, I'm eager to follow your suggestion and look up photographers at those art fairs.  Many Thanks!  Jim

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