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Has anyone done this show?  I am accepted and have yet to receive any info (not even an acceptance letter) from the show, despite the fact that it is less than two weeks away.  I mean, the gal has answered my direct questions, but there's been no packet, no letter, no nothing!

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Where is this?

Kansas City area.  I have since found several references to it here as the WORST show people have done.  I just emailed requesting a refund of my booth fee.  We'll see . . . .

Kay, Where did you find your information? I also applied and was delighted to be accepted. However I am from 7 hours away and your post has me worried. I also had to email a couple weeks after the notification date to see what was going on. She said she had sent out emails and they musta not gone out. I should have seen that as a red flag. Anyone else have any info on this show? Were you able to get a refund? I may be next!  Thank You!!

She told me that, too, but I don't see how anything went out.  Today she sent something out and that is the first I've seen.  I haven't heard back about my request for a refund and I just now wrote again about it.  I haven't heard from anyone else--just the remarks I found here when I put Zona Rosa in as a search topic.  All negative.  Good luck to you!  I will post again if anything comes of it.

I got the email today also. My map only shows 32 artists. I went to the Zona Rosa webpage and they have a detailed listing of the music entertainment throughout the weekend, for the Zona Rosa Festival, and no mention/list of artists signed up other than a mere paragraph generalizing music, dance, arts and crafts and much much more.  Missing is a map of the festivities. Does anyone know who is managing the art festival end of this? In the application it does mention Platte County Art Council will benefit. Someone has already cashed my check as well. Hopefully someone who has participated will post on this discussion. Thanks.

Well, even the listing of music was just added, then.  Earlier this week there was just a paragraph there, describing the event.  And you have to go to the Zona Rosa page, then Events, then down.  I think it's pretty awful.  One person had earlier posted here that though they claim 80,000 patrons it might be an overstatement to say there were 5,000.  I assumed the Zona Rosa whatever it is was managing the whole thing.  The gal seemed to think that Zapp should have taken care of acceptance letters, etc.  

Did you go to the show? I am from close by to KC, Lawrence, Kansas to be exact and have been accepted to the 2013 Zona Rosa show and am at a loss if I should proceed. Any info will be most appreciated.


I was considering this fair for next year because of the description on zapp said 80k , so thank you for this post because it might have saved me alot of money and time. I hope everything turns out for you both.

So sorry you haven't received more information, Kay and Patrice, on this site. I think the silence speaks loudly. I've been in this business over 30 years, traveled far and wide, and have never heard of this event.

Thanks, Leslie and Connie.  I have decided not to go and incur even more expense and I've asked for a refund of my booth fee, due to the lack of info on their part.  So far, of course, they are not budging on that.  I should have done more research here first!

After 2 unanswered emails and 3 telephone calls to Zona Rosa yesterday all within 10 minutes of each other, my husband received a call back.  The Art Council had decided the Zona Rosa Art Festivals wasn't working working with the other activities, the artists weren't making money, and they were going to drop the event. Apparently  Zona Rosa decided they would continue it as a money making event to benefit themselves. The woman he spoke with is a first year member of management who stated she had no idea where the 80,000 attendances numbers came from, and knows nothing about art festivals-this was just part of her new "job assignments." Kay, we also will not be attending. We have asked for a refund, and tried to explained to them they have put many peoples income at risk but they don't really care. My feeling is they should refund all artists booth fees, save face, and graciously cancel the show.

I so agree!  And thanks for the additional info.  Seems like they are using our booth fees to pay for music, at least partially.  I did say that I would contact Zapp, this site, Art-Linx and the Better Business Bureau.  I certainly wouldn't risk a 7-hour trip for it!


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