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I have been gleaning everything I can from this site while trying to make deadlines in completing applications for our first year of submitting to shows.  We live in rain country and set up our booth on my Catio (large enclosed room for our cats).  Attempting no clutter (though we plan on having a long 20" wide table at the back of the tent for our shelf items at the shows), and keeping to a theme, we had a professional photographer take this shot, along with some of our jury submissions.  I would appreciate feedback!!  it is actually the best we could do while under the time restriction of submission dates.  We do have lighting on order for the shows and I appreciated the battery information provided in a thread!  We are trying hard to do everything correctly.  Thank you very much for your feedback and advice.  

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Square up the front corners of the booth. The bottom row on the left side looks leaning over. Put something behind the frames so they don't lean. The back wall can use two horizontals under the three pieces to make the wall look fuller. The side walls almost look too full in comparison. Remove one set from the left making it four over four and space them out. Remove something (two horizontals for the back wall) from the right wall and space them out.

Larry Berman

Good advice.

Thank you very much Larry.  I can make these changes, though for the applications we have already sent out, I sure hope it won't be enough to rule us out?  Very much appreciate your advice!

The booth looks fine.  I personally don't like sameness where are sizes are grouped together.  I like a helter skelter approach. A big next to a small, next to a medium, below another big, and so on.  It breaks up that quick scan look of your work and directs more concentration on an  the individual item. 

Thank you Barry!!  

The first thing that hits me when I click on the booth shot is the leaning in of the sides. 

Aside from that, I think that you are good!

Thank you, Judy!


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