• We finally found a perfect awning for an ez up.  We take 3 extension paint poles from Home Depot/Lowes, tie strap them in the inside of the canopy (resting on the bars inside) one on each side and one in the middle. With your back side wall down,  Extend out the poles to desired shade and secure the sidewalls with clamps or create your own, so you have instant shade, either on the front or back. You can use them also to hangs things on also inside your booth.  We're thinking about pool cleaning poles can extend both on the front and back but they are larger around and don't know how to fasten the awning to it yet.  You don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt on guy wires walking along the sidewalk or as I call it "the tinker toy awning" method with the pvc.  You can adjust according to if you have any obstacles behind you or not also.   

    • Your welcome easy ....
    • Cindy,  I just attended a show where your idea saved my butt big time.  Thanks--it worked perfectly.

    •  Cindy, That actually sounds quite doable. I have some of those paint poles in the garage, I am going to try that, thanks, Kelly

    • Canopies by sells a reasonably priced awning that fits on any tent. It's wider and works much better than the EZ-Up awing.

      • thanks Barry,  I will look that up---useful info.

  • Some options:

    1) Frame under U/V glass, optionally in a shadow box. Depending on the work, this can class it up so that you can charge more for the presentation.

    2) Grower's shade cloth, available from garden supply places like Gempler's, can be hung in front of your work if it's in direct sun. It comes in several strengths. The only downside is that it will make your work a bit hard to see.

    3) Don't hang in the sun, or ask for shady locations

    Hanging many kinds of artwork in the sun can damage it. The best solution is to protect the work, either by shading it (awning), or taking it down when it's in direct sun. It's one of those things you learn to deal with doing outside art shows.

    • Have not done outside shows for a  VERY long time.  I was a potter in my last life!!  This is my second year to do shows---live in Montana, so few options.  I am just doing some local shows and it is fun being a big fish in a small pond.  Last year I don't remember even thinking about this too much---and nothing faded from the sun---but, I just thought of it recently. I did hang a piece outside of the studio in direct sunlight so that I can start to measure the problem.  Judy,  I do use a fixative in my paints.

      I frame most of the work that I do---so, that should be part of the solution.  thanks for the info, Jim--it was useful.  Yes Larry,  I do need a better canopy, but this year, I got pro panels, so next year is the canopy.  I am only doing three shows!! (In the winter I am a ski instructor)   I just bought the stabars from Flourish though---we have a lot of wind in the west and the weather is changing.

      I just finished looking at the hooks from the pro panels--- this all reminds me of that old joke--when an artist won a million dollars in the lottery, they asked him what he would buy.  He replied, "I'll just keep on doing shows until the money runs out."

  • You need to use awnings with your canopy. That means something better than a $200 EZUp.

    Larry Berman

    • Mine came with an awning.

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