I've had a note from the new director of the Wickford Fine Art Festival, in Wickford, RI. She was the director for 20 years, then left, and for the past few years, there's been a different director each year.

Here's her note, in part: "To maintain the integrity of the festival all artists will be juried in the same fashion, therefore all Wickford Art Association members will juried to be in the festival, even if they are artist members. Only one browse pin per tent is allowed. There will only be artists on the streets of Wickford. No vendors or our sponsors will be allowed next to the artists. Many complained last year about the hawking. We will enforce the rule of no note cards, multiple prints etc."

This has always been a good show for me, and I've not had trouble with sponsors or hawking, etc., as I'm typically on a side street away from the fray.

But I love hearing from a director with passion and plans for improvement.

FYI, this is not a zapp show, and it does have an odd jury system - when you get in, you're in for three years before you're juried again. Personally, I like this, but I know others don't, and I understand why... Here's the website link: http://www.wickfordart.org/art-festival-2017.html

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  • Looking forward to being your block neighbor again Carrie.
  • This is someone paying attention to the needs of the artists and wanting to bring a high class look to the event. It may cut down on attendees (everything may be expensive), but probably not in this location. Besides, the high end buyers, in general, don't want huge crowds, not looking for the party ... Good for her.

  • I am wondering what is meant by  .... "We will enforce the rule of no note cards, multiple prints etc."

    • Sounds like what they're saying is no lower priced work. It's a rule directed mostly at photographers to limit their ability to compete with painters. The multiple means no "2 for" or "3 for" pricing.

      Larry Berman

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    • It's a fine art show, focusing on originals only, i.e., one browse bin per tent, etc. How this shakes out in terms of photography, I don't know. But what she doesn't want is a booth full of stuff that's been reproduced mechanically. At least, that's what I think. 

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