Can anyone explain the exodus of art shows in Northeast Florida? They all seem to be vanishing over the years. It mostly seems to be in  Duval, St Johns and Nassau counties. There seems to be two maybe three left. There is money here, new deveopments being built like crazy, many people moving here from out of state. 


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  • At Northeast shows, i.e. St. Augustine, Jacksonville, 3 times with my artwork. Sales couldn't cover hotel room cost. I love that town BUT at some point one must give up. Those selling product were not fine artists, but rug makers or crafters with functional items sold cheap. 

    An area's new developments only count as a positive if people buying those properties are financially free to enjoy buying goods at the level where spending over $500 to $2000 for jewelry or wall art is not a difficult choice. If new development buyers are struggling to buy furniture, they are usually not art customers; more likely getting wall decor at Target or Kirklands. 

  • What shows left the area? Show promoters usually drop shows that artists stop making money at.

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