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I'll be at Penrod Arts fair in Indianapolis this Saturday. getting up bright and early tomorrow morning and plan to get a good start on the Friday set up that officially starts at 9:30. Hope to get in a little early as we have to be done and out by 3:30.

I'm splurging for a double booth this year after giving up on that for a while. I keep thinking about applying for the St. Louis show, but Penrod is local for me and I can sleep at home. I'll be at G27-28 up next to the Lilly Mansion. Stop by and say hi if you're up that way. 

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We will be at Art Walk in Birmingham, MI. Friday evening and Saturday.  Set up starts at noon when the temp will have climbed into the 90s.  It is still summer here in the south.  Thanks again for the suggestion on digitally matted prints.  They were a big hit at our last show!

Such a great neighborhood -- oh, now that I look at this I see it isn't "Art Birmingham" put on by The Guild. Has this Art Walk been around for awhile, Craig? Is it on Maple? 

It has cooled down here (about 2 1/2 hours from Birmingham), so you'll probably get through the show without dehydrating. 

Sorry Connie my mistake...we are in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend and Birmingham, Michigan next weekend.  We had a good first night and hope to continue the momentum on Saturday. I should not go on line until I have had my second cup of coffee. 

LOL. Craig, when I saw your post I decided you really meant it to say Birmingham, MI, whereas it said Birmingham, Al -- thinking you had made a typo I edited it ;) to say MI ... apologies and hope you made money in Alabama!

I'll be doing the 45th Chester Craft Show in Chester, NJ. I started doing this show in 1984 and the promoters are just good people. They enforce their no B/S policy too as I have watched them remove a "jeweler" on Saturday morning after the show started.

This is a show where our group of friends gets together on Saturday after the show for dinner and honest discussions.

This is a little farther than you usually travel, isn't it, Chris? Who promotes the event?

We are having to cancel a lot of shows because of the massive flloding in our home and workshop in southern Louisiana in August. Had 8 shows planned but the time now has to be spent rebuilding all of the water damage. I really hate the fact that I have to cancel shows...

Greg, I am sorry you have to deal with this.  It is a bummer.

So sorry to hear this, Greg. I had some flooding in my basement in July and it ate up a LOT of time, weeks of Serv Pro drying out the house, but not nearly to the extent that you have suffered. 

Have you contacted CERF?

I'll be participating in my very first "grown-up" show at Eastern Market - Shed 5 in Detroit, MI.  Had some practice last year at a smaller hometown show but this promises to be a bigger and better show for me and I'm really looking forward to it (with some trepidation, of course).  Hoping the forecasted great weather holds true and it's not too hot for people to think about wool hats and bags, which is always a concern.  

So sorry to hear about the flooding in your area, Greg, hope you were able to salvage some of your work.

Best of luck to everyone for a great week-end of sales!

Here's hoping for a good show for you Tina. I've updated this show's on my sites and will do some promoting to get people to this really cool place. Say hi to Mark Loeb and sell!


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