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I'm talking about that one person who made you speechless. C'mon, we've all had them.

For me it was another exhibitor! On a Sunday afternoon he came across the aisle and said he noticed how well I was doing and asked: "Where do you get your designs from?" After I realized he was serious, I told him the truth. "My alleged mind!"

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Some guy walked into the booth one time and asked if I would be interested in buying his negatives. I resisted laughing at him and explained that the work offered by sa!e by the artist is supposed to be their own creations and not from someone else. He had trouble grasping the ethics of the situation.

Several years ago a guy came into my booth and said his wife had seen one of my sculpted boxes she liked and wanted a certain wood combination and style. He said he did some wood working but has never sculpted a box and asked me to sell him a certain box she liked and take my brass plate with my web address and name off the bottom so he could tell his wife he made it when he gave it to her for her birthday the following month.

I didn't want to sell it to him because anyone who would do this and lie to his wife is an asshole.

I told him a price that was $200 in excess of what I was asking for it...thinking that would deter him...and he bought it anyway.

If he would have never opened his stupid mouth to begin with he would have saved $200 and not have anyone realizing how stupid of an idiot he really is...and besides, I would imagine his wife probably realized when she finally got it that he was not capable of duplicating my work...and most likely knows what kind of person he is anyhoo...

"Did you make all of this" DUH!


I am always perplexed by that question..."did you make all of this?"  I am a weaver and I have been asked "where did I buy my cloth to make ...".  When I tell them I weave everything they see in my booth, I get the look of challenge and doubt. 

What more can you say? 

I get that statement also. One day when I'm feeling particularly sarcastic I swear I'm going to say "Nope bought it at Walmart"

I'm pretty sure many other photographers have heard this one at some point. While pointing at one of my images the customers says "Were you there?" I have to resist saying "No, I shipped my camera there and it sent the image back to me"

Sometimes I just tell them I went to all those places, "It's a rough job but someone has to do it :-)"

I work with a lot of exotic woods from all parts of the world.  I always tell people where the different woods are from. Some people ask if I go to all these foreign countries to buy my wood.

A person I was telling the origin of the wood asked if I went to Africa to buy the Wenge I use... I told him I picked it up when in Africa on a safari hunting elephants...and I think he actually believed it.

These are classic! So far, the question of "Were you there?" (To photograph) wins. I play an instrument called the Chapman Stick(R) and sell my CDs from a booth. The questions I get are great including, "Are these free?" But, the best is "Are you really playing that?" Nope, thought I'd take a day to set up a booth, not play my instrument, and give away my work. ????

One woman asked if we have a storefront.  My husband answered, "Our kitchen table."  She asked if it was open.  He repeated his answer and she asked when it would be open.  If we ever had a shop we might consider naming it Our Kitchen Table.  Wait, that sounds like a restaurant!

I do mixed media paintings on wood and get "Are these cutting boards?" occasionally. Anything is a cutting board with the right attitude, friend.

People also used to ask me if my booth display stuff was for sale all of the time. I had to cut back to bare bones panels and bins because it annoyed me so much. 

I've also been asked on several occasions if my display was for sale. I quote a price that is extremely high and told them they could pick it up after the show is over. No takers yet


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