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I'll be doing my first show in August and the initial cost of creating inventory is hitting me hard. I'm considering just hanging matted prints instead of framed ones to save money. I have some grid walls to hang from and I'm not sure what the best way to hang my prints would be. There are a couple different kinds of hooks available, but both seem like they'd damage the mattes after hanging for a week. I've considered using velcro, but that would require adding velcro tabs to the back of the mattes.

Any suggestions?


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I’ve been a professional landscape photographer for the past 20 or so years and my suggestion is to never hang unfinished prints, they belong in a bin. And never put finished, framed photographs in a bin.....this seems to be a no, no in the photography world. Just complete a few photos that are show stoppers to grab the attention of people passing by your booth. If money is tight, set your sights on doing 5 and hang them like in a gallery setting. Clear bag the rest of your unfinished prints. Hanging unfinished photos looks low budget and cheap. This would just be my suggestion, hope it helps you out. 

Thanks Susan,
I would never put a framed piece in a bin, and ideally all of my hanging pieces would be framed.

I have enough frames to finish six 8x10s matted to 11x14 and six 11x14s matted to 16x20.

I'm considering doing 2 larger prints as well, either 13x19s matted and framed to 18x24, 20x30s matted and framed to 24x36, or maybe a couple framed 12x36s with no mattes.
I's likely limit myself to 1 of those 3 sizes, just for booth symmetry. Any recommendations there? My instincts say to go with the 24x36s

You’ve got a great start..... I think the 24 x 36s will be an excellent will be the show stopper for those passing will lure them in.  Good luck and I hope you have a fantastic show. 

I'm one of the few photographers that framed matted prints using clear bags from instead of glass but they still needed to be in frames. If you try and hang just matted prints the show won't be happy with your display and neither will your potential customers. Trying to save money on your display will effect your bottom line. Not a way to save money. Buy inexpensive aluminum frames that screw together. Get them all the same color (black or white) so your display looks uniform. Check out Frame Destination (an advertiser on this forum.)

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry

I already ordered my mattes and bags, but I will make a note of those other sites for future reference.

So, if someone wants to purchase one of your framed photos do you switch out the plastic bag for glass, or do you just not sell the ones on display? I assume you do that to mitigate clumsy/careless customers, which I have never considered.

I don't give them that option. My price signs says unframed only. if I wanted to sell framed, I'd sell off the wall. But if you want to save money, just buy enough frames for a complete display and only sell unframed.

Larry Berman


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