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Thought that I had fixed my booth shot problem.


Apparently, not.


I would like kind, gentle criticisms.   Don't need too many negatives....get enough of those from all my show rejections.


I don't have a budget to replace everything......I cannot transport GLASS.





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Cindi, I like it!   I like your picture in the back, the draping and the shelving. Even the mat on the floor!  It doesn't look too busy and you can see everything.

Really peering at it hard and LOOKING for something to correct, I guess you could do something a little different with the boxes (?) on top of your back table - maybe make them smooth rather than a draped fabric?  And I believe Larry recommends smoothing out the tablecloth creases with photoshop and probably doing the same with the tent roof structure.  But these don't jump out at me... 


Why do you think its not right?

Looks good and a few observations.

How high off the ground are the top shelves with the forms? They might be too high for people to see close up because they are above eye level.

A few minor wrinkles on the back table cover.

The picture hanging on the back wall looks like you blocked out your name on the right hand side, but because the piece is off center on the picture, it draws your eye so it may work for the booth picture. I'd like to hear feedback from people who have juried shows.

Larry Berman

That was the only thing that looked wrong to me.  The picture in the back is off center and kept drawing my eyes away.  Maybe have another picture that is centered made for you booth shot.  Other than that it looks lovely.

I look at all spaces from a fang shui perspective.  I ask myself the following questions - 1.  Does the space draw you into it? 2. Does the placement of all pieces make your eye wander around the space calmly? 3.  Are all of the elements present - fire, earth, water, metal and wood?  From this perspective I see only one very small issue - a lack of the wood element.  The fire element is represented in the vibrant color of your back photo as well as some of the individual pieces, the water element is represented by the black cloths as well as the rug; the earth element is represented by the cream curtain in the back and the taupe in the rug; the metal element is represented in the jewelry itself as well as the back racks.  A little wood would balance everything out - wood is represented by a long rectangular shape, wood itself or the color green.  Maybe a little bamboo (live) would solve it :)

What about your individual piece images? Are they strong enough or might that be the reason for the rejections?

Larry Berman

I am not sure.  I cannot get feedback from the Zapp juries, so I am at a loss at this time.......

Very easy to fix the off-center banner image in Photoshop. (I agree it's a little distracting.)
But your booth looks very nice, I can't imagine that having a significantly adverse impact during jurying.

You may want to do what I did when I was just starting out: I visited a show to which I'd been rejected, introduced myself to the director, and let her know that I'd visited the show to find out what I had to do better in order to be accepted.  She was momentarily taken aback.  And then she agreed to review my work and my application later in the week.   Her coaching made a huge difference. 

That sounds like a wonderful idea.

Getting feedback from jurors will help, but usually there are different jurors for each show. It's best to have top quality jury images.

I do free jury image evaluations:

Larry Berman

Larry Sanders did my photos.

How would I upload the tiff files to you?

There is an upload form on my web site that takes image files up to 32 megabytes each. Larry gave you ZAPP images on the CD also. Those should be 1920 pixels square with black borders. You can upload those:

Here's a direct link to the upload form:

Larry Berman


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