Hi Everyone! I'm new here at this wonderful site, and I have a question. What color are your studio walls? I'm moving from my itsy bitsy studio that I share with my daughter's 20 pair of shoes AND a giant green plant that likes to hog the light. My new space currently has bright beautiful red walls, which I love, however, I'm thinking red might not be the best color to judge new work against. So..........please help me out. What do you think, and, what color are YOUR studio walls? Lisa Crisman www.LeftEarArt.com

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  • Hello Lisa,

    Unless if the size of the room and/or the wall color is actually causing a "tint" or hue change due to the reflection, keep the walls to whatever color inspires you and makes you happy to be in the room. My color is a very light green. However, like many of us (I imagine), the color of the walls is moot because I kave so many shelves, supplies, a pegboard, and artwork hanging on and covering up the walls that one would hardly notice the wall color :-).

    As others have said, the most important factor should be your lighting. I have installed multiple light fixtures in my space so that I never have a "dark" or shadowy area. I personally like true white/day light 5000 Kelvin Flourescent light bulbs. I also have other light fixtures with a lower Kelvin rating (more yellow) so that I could see the art with different lighting. But chose whichever light you feel comfortable with AND consider where your artwork is most commonly shown (a gallery, your own home, in a canopy at a weekend art fair?). You can chose a light that is most similar to the lighting that most of your retail customers would have when viewing your artwork.

    Good luck!
    • Thank you William. I have a nice big window, but, I do a lot of work at night. I try to use as close to natural lighting as I can get.
    • Thanks Hugo, I appreciate the feedback. I wasn't at all looking forward to re-painting my new studio!
  • I'm not sure about wall color, but lighting color is important. When I was redoing a room for a photography workshop, I put in daylight fluorescent lights. I also have a large window in the room so I get good natural sunlight. If I was doing any serious remodeling, I'd add a skylight. My wall color right now is a very neutral light beige, but it's pretty much covered with posters, pictures, and plaques.

    I am redoing another room for a framing shop. It's a long thin "dormer" room, and was used by the former owner's teenagers. It's painted with 2 ft wide green and white stripes, up the wall, over the ceiling and down the other side!
    • Hi Dave! I do have a large window in my new studio which gives me lots of great natural light. Good luck with your redo for your framing shop. Are you getting into the framing business, or is it mainly for your work?
      • I'm mainly setting up a room where I can lay out frames and mat board to assemble them. I've got a mat cutter, but don't have the table space to have the mat cutter, and photo trimmer both out, and still have room to put the finished picture together. I may get into building frames myself, but that's something for later.
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