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Does anyone have good tips for closing a sale?  I like talking to people, I greet them when they stop by my booth and I am friendly and helpful and knowlegable. I have a great product, I think (custom coloring books and hand-poured crayons) and my price is not very high.  But I have a hard time converting into sales.  I feel like maybe I am actually talking too much?  What do you all say to people when they stop by and how do you convert a browser to a buyer?

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It would be helpful to remember that selling is NOT telling.  When you are trying to help people make a buying decision it is best to ask them questions.  For example; what do you think of my creation?  Do you know someone who might enjoy expressing their creativeness with my hand poured crayons?  Try to get them to tell you what they are thinking.  It is best if they do most of the talking.

Oh, wow, this is excellent advice, thank you!  I did not think of it that way. I will definitely try that out.

I hope it works for you.  Report back once you have tried it.

Things I read about and have applied with success:

1. Give client ownership: "Once YOUR deposit is paid I will order the tree for YOUR saddle">

"Do tou havwe a buckle for YOUR belt". an add on sale.

2. Always give a choice, never a way out ... to think about it: Would you like to take this billfold today or would you rather I custyom make one like your old one?

3. Be aware pof what closing techniques sales people use on you when you are the client.

These are also excellent ideas. I will give them a try this Saturday and report back!  Thank you for the suggestions.

It's not the words you say, but how you say them.

Which exhibitor would you purchase from, someone who just repeats the "correct" words, or someone who shows his/her passion for what they created? Someone who believes in what they're doing? Someone who actually loves what they're doing?

Oh I totally agree with you on the passion. I think I have lots of passion, possibly too much!  I'm seeing people give me looks kind of like "slow down, crazypants!"  ... I could just be imagining it though!

My selling routine is to say hello, good morning, whatever and shut up.  Then I stand just outside the booth and pretend not to be paying attention but keep an eye on what's going on.  If I see someone who seems to be trying to decide between two pieces I ask if they would like me to move them next to each other and let them know I have a multi-piece discount.  If I see someone look toward me with a questioning look I say "you look like you have a question, may I help?"  Other than that I pretty much wait until they speak to me.  I sell the way I like to shop.  I hate it when a salesperson is too friendly or too helpful but if I have a question I want them available.

Observing them is important too. When they start pulling off their old belts, it's time to go to work LOL.

Richard, somehow my customers don't start to disrobe in front of me! I must be doing something wrong ;)

Alison, I am the exact same way as a shopper. I want to be greeted when I enter the store and then left alone. I am afraid of doing this as a seller because I'm afraid if I don't talk to them they'll walk away.... sigh....

I agree with that for sure Allison Thomas. I hate to be bothered when I am shopping. If I need help I don't have any trouble asking. 

I am the same way, I keep an eye on who is in my booth and their conversation. I interject if I hear them talking about an image and want to know more about it, or if I see people holding up a couple of images trying to figure out which they want. I ask them what room they are planning on putting the images and that starts the conversation.


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