It's Friday afternoon! another week is gone and I'm still sitting here typing and you are sitting there reading. What are we going to do with what is left of the summer? Hope you've got a great plan.

(I'm working away in anticipation of 8 days out of here to places far enough away.)

Big show this weekend: American Craft Expo in Evanston, IL.

Little show nearby this weekend: Art on the Farm in New Carlisle, IN

Mid-size: Shadyside Art Festival in Pittsburgh

Cool: Affordable Art Fair in Denver area


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  • did anyone go to art on the farm?  I was approached to do that show but couldn't because of already doing a show in Elkhart (which had to back out of because had to be in chicago same day).  i'm considering it next year but not sure because of its size and fairly new.  any thoughts? 

  • 301665046?profile=RESIZE_320x320I'm sanding the gesso on my frame, preparing it for gilding.

    • Do you put the gilding on with a brush? do you use those sheets of gold?

      • Usually I apply gold leaf (thin sheets that are a little bigger than 3-inches square) with a 3-inch "gilder's tip" brush, but in this photo I'm using a much smaller one due to the detail in the carvings. We gilders cut the leaf according to the size and shape we need. Karat gold is only 1/250,000 of an inch thick. Composition metal leaf is much heavier and costs about 1/10th of real gold, and it's also sold in 5.5 inch sheets. Silver leaf is a bit heavier than karat gold and costs about twice that of metal leaf, but it's the same size sheet as karat gold. Karat gold costs about $750 for 500 sheets right now whereas silver costs about $170. Composition leaf is about $85.


  • Columbus Artfest in Columbus, Indiana, my hometown.
    • I went back to check on my tent (forgot to attach one weight) and saw several tents down from the rain. I did notice one tent with the infamous gallon jugs of water on each corner =8-O
      • I saw your post and went down to check on my tent. The police are there I talked to one officer and he said 3 tents were down but they covered everything up with tarps so hopefully nobody lost too much. I saw one easy up, with no weights, scooted back about three feet from the winds.
  • I'm off from shows this weekend, but have only one more to go. There are no saddle orders to finish, but still have a black trick saddle in progress, and I'm communicating with gal from Australia about specs for order to be started in September.  I finally have time to work on past show special orders. Five holsters will go out Monday. Other than that, it is catching up on mowing weeds, pulling weeds in gardens and looking at weeds in the arena. I have to get belt inventory built back up for next weekend's show. I bought some odd bearded iris on EBay and have great plans for digging all of the beds this fall.

  • I'm going to be at the Affordable Arts Festival this Sunday in Denver with some smaller pieces and some favorites that everybody comments on, but just haven't sold. Bye-bye artwork, making room for new stuff!

    I looked at my inventory this summer and decided anything (small) that hadn't sold in the last year was OUT OF HERE!

    Will be interesting to see how it goes!

  • Columbus Artfest (Indiana). Set up starts tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. Yecchhh! Two days, but I can drive home and sleep in my own bed, it's a one hour drive from home.

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