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So does this mean that people are going to start spending money at art festivals now?!

Hope so...and just in time for the Fall Festivals to take place, well in the Southwest anyways. And hopefully much better next year for everyone!!!

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Let the buying begin :-)

Maybe once the shock is over.  I don't have as much faith as others in Obama's ability to get the economy going- apparently the business arena doesn't either.  I hope I'm wrong and we all have a great year, but I'm preparing for mediocre...just in case.

I think that until the "fiscal cliff" is addressed that people will still be just as conservative with their spending.  The election being over doesn't change the gridlock. 

My gun clients both men and women make less than $200K and are still spending money on fancy rigs and CCs. Their toys? Construction guys in the resort areas by my plain belts then come back every year to show me they are still wearing it and don't need to buy another one. LOL. Then they decide to move up and buy a fancy one to wear to the bars.

Mom needs a nod from Dad to buy art and these are the people  who make $200K a year.  Why I make less than that and if I want to buy a painting for $1,000, I will.  Sorry to change the subject but I couldn't help it.

Carry on.

What you're saying mirrors what i've been thinking. I finish my last show in a couple of weeks and won't do anymore until next April or so. I'll cut out over half the shows I did this year, and the emphasis will be on larger expensive pieces and small ones that are $20/35. The low end pieces are going to be set up so there is minimal labor time in them. Right now I'm thinking along the lines of printing the work with a faux border matte on them and dropping them into some inexpensive frames. I'm not crazy about the idea of a low ball line of work, but those price points encourage impulse and no-guilt buying. I hesitate to hang those alongside work that is much more expensive, but a thought is that I can hang a few in one spot in the booth, and have a flip bin with the small framed pieces adjacent to the hung pieces. Damn, this makes me feel like a Wal-Mart ;-/

Now this is a good thread.  I've been seeing the soft sales in the mid range.  We do the high end of  functional ceramics.  I promote our work as gifts, as that doesn't depend on the stock market.  You just gotta buy gifts all the time.  Sure works for us.  

Right on. My comment has always been that those that adapt to the changes going on around them are the ones that are going to succeed. Listen to what your clients are asking for and produce it. Diversify is a buzz word among investors and it applies to artists as well. I'm looking forward to a great 2013 not because of any election or politics but because I am excited about the CHANGES I am making to my booth and inventory.

I was on the road to a better year, once again.  I had my diversified creations for the high end, low end and middle America all ready.  Then the weather had it's way with me, thank you Sandy.  My best shows were affected and 2 shows were cancelled.   So be it.  This business can be a crap shoot, but, hey, I have more for my last show and some free time.  I think it's time for a glass of wine.  Cheers.

Thanks David! I was trying to make this a positive post but apparently people didn't take it that way. Responsibility is Definitely lacking in the USA! Be thankful for what your given and make the best of it, nothing good comes from complaining!

Hey, sometimes it will get your booth spot changed ;-)

The "well curve" affects all markets - including art.


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