Hello, I am an Art Clay metal jewelry artist just getting started in the "shows" circuit. My experience has been in art galleries and a few small shows to date. I am a Certified Level I Art Clay instructor, certified by Aida Chemical in 2008. I am a partner in a small gallery, Stray Art Salon, in Birmingham, AL.
In the current economic climate, I am hoping to add to my sales through shows. Looking forward to reading the blogs and gleaning good info from veteran show artists on this site.
Example photo of my work is attached.


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  • Hi Nancy, Welcome to Art Fair Insiders. Check out Art Fair Calendar while you are searching around and you will find shows near you that you might like to try. It's nice to hear an artist excited to explore new mediums to work with. Wish I lived closer to attend one of your classes..sounds interesting. Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, Sabrina. I will be looking closely at the Art Fair Calendar. While I am not opposed to traveling to a really good show that is well-known to be a good selling show for jewelry, I would like to get my feet wet closer to home at first.
      Oh, I wish you were closer, too. This stuff is so much fun to work with - especially if you are used to traditional fabrication - it's kinda like silly putty (remember that stuff) that fires to make fine silver.
  • Welcome Nancy,
    Great to have you aboard. I work with sterling silver, copper and brass but I have never worked with PMC. I keep wanting to take a workshop but always seem to have a conflict when they are given. It looks very interesting. I also do beadweaving. I'm way up here in Pa although my father lived in Mobile, AL after retirement - said he needed to get out of the cold up here. You are probably gearing up for show season down south while we are winding up ours. I'll be busy until Christmas and then nothing until maybe April. This has been a great site for me to gain all sorts of info and I am sure you will too.
    • Thanks, Diane. I worked in traditional fabrication for a number of years, but liked the idea of .999 fine silver because I developed an allergy to sterling, and I really love white metal. Then an old friend, a ceramic artist, started talking about silver metal clay that she had read about. We researched it further and I decided it was ideal for a series of faces that I wanted to do - took some classes and fell in love with the medium. I use Art Clay rather than PMC now; but largely because I like to do high polish finish on some pieces and the Art Clay seems less "grainy" than PMC so it seems to take less time to get the high polish (maybe that's just me). Wish you were closer - I am a certified Art Clay instructor and teach a monthly Intro to Metal Clay workshop.
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