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Choices for weights

I'm about ready to get four weights of approximately 40 - 45 pounds each for my Light Dome. Looking for an easy solution so I'm considering one of the following two options.

John Deere Tractor suitcase weights from a John Deere dealer. There's a dealer about a half hour from me.
12.75x10x3 inches
weights 42 pounds
costs $63 each

The other option is 45 pound weight lifting discs from my local Dicks Sporting Goods. I'm not sure of the physical size but the are 45 pounds each and have built in handles. Costs $45 each


Larry Berman

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  • I know this thread is a bit old, but I thought I would chime in. I've used all sorts of stuff mentioned in this thread and have never found an option I like. UNTIL NOW! : )

    In terms of weight vs. size vs. cost, by far the best thing I've seen is using a 45 lb kettle bell. The size on it is  (L x W x H): 7.70 x 6.10 x 9.84 Inches. I got mine at walmart online for $26 a piece. Easy to store, easy to hide in the booth, Easy to latch on to due to the handle, and very heavy for it's size.


    • Do you have a pic for how you attach them? I've been thinking of using these little guys.

      • Sure, you can do it a number of ways, but the easiest is to just attach a carabiner to the weight and then hook the strap to it. Here's a quick drawing and some photos.



        • My concern with these weights is that they are 40 to 50 pounds and though they make for a neat little package, i would have to lift each to place on the vehicle, then take out of the vehicle and maneuver to its place. That's too heavy for me to handle.

          I prefer to have the weight distributed into lighter units so I can handle them easier. Something to consider if you're not that strong or have someone who helps you and is also not capable of moving that much weight in one item. I have 160lb of weights distributed in 12 tubes which makes handling them less of a strain.
          • They make the kettle bells in any increment of 5 lbs. You can get whatever weight you are comfortable with.

  • I bought two sets of Ingot weights  - http://www.canopyweights.com/products/ingot - from Canopy Weights (canopyweights.com), which advertises here on AFI. Then I won a third set in a drawing here on AFI. I absolutely love these weights. 

    Each set ($89) is four pieces, 15 lbs each, for 60 lbs. They attach with velcro, or you can hang them. I can put four along a stabilizer bar, and they are virtually invisible. With an additional 45 or so hanging from each corner, I feel pretty safe, aside from the insanely windy shows. 

    Here's a booth shot that shows the weights.  


    • Nice work...!  The oils, I mean...

      • Thanks, Jerry! Appreciate it.

        And it's actually hard to see the weights. They're those gray bars hanging - nearly invisibly! - from the sta-bars. 

  • Keep in mind that the weight lifting discs will eventually rust. You'll have to paint them.

  • My husband cut out 'feet' from plywood for my tent that bolt onto the underneath of the black feet at the bottom of each leg. I have sand bags (2/3 Wal-Mart bags in each of the 4 white sand bags) that then sit on top of the feet. I could pour water into the sand to make them even heavier. I also have tow rope that I can attach the sand bags to the top of the tent. I have been lucky and  never had to contend with a bad wind situation....yet! I have never seen anyone else with these 'feet' but I have had a lot  of comments about them from other vendors who have said they where a great idea and where going to do the same. Nice thing with my sand bags...I can dump the Wal-Mart bags in the trash if they are wet and too heavy to carry!

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