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I have a blog site that I have used to put information on me and my schedule of updated shows.  I really need to choose a web site but I have at looked at so many, talked to people and still can't make a decision.  I do have a Mac now, so I could at least do a simple web site with the Mac and have a Mobile Me account.  Anyone have some suggestions?  My blog is:  I am a textile artist.  Thanks.  DebsThreads

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I also have a blog that I try to keep updated on what I am currently working on. I don't have a website yet either. If it were as easy to set up as a blog, I would already have one. I have a domain name...just haven't set up the website yet.
Just a thought on your blog may want to set up pages to put some of that show and contact information. My blog is: if you don't know what the tabs (pages) look like.
G'morning Deb

I have a website through and its on google server. I find that the google site is very easy to navigate and set up. You can also easily link to your blog, put a calendar on your site- whatever works best for you.

my website (for example) is Its a lot easier to get a website going than you might think- good luck!
My main website,, is set up on a blogging platform at Typepad. Their templates are very flexible and although technically a blog can be made to look like a website. Several years ago my host suddenly dropped all support for Macs and I was quite distressed so went out looking and settled on this one. Of course it is wysiwig (I know hardly any html) and easy to use. So that is the other question for you -- they must support Macs.

The site is as easy to update as a blog.
Just a few things to consider.

The average computer is 5 to 7 years old. And a majority of users are still using dial up. So you want your site to load quickly for these potential customers.

My computer is 1999 and I have Windows 98 along with dial up service. We have no cable service on our road and DSL has just been introduced to the area, so I may be looking at a new(er) computer.

When I go to someone's site and it doesn't load in 30 seconds, I'm gone. So please take into consideration that not everyone has the latest in computers or internet speed. And build your site accordingly.
Actually 30 seconds is a lifetime when you're waiting for a page to load. Web pages, especially the home page needs to load in under 5 seconds or visitors may leave.

Larry Berman
Digital J u r y Services
I have an online store on Etsy but I think I would also like to put up a website. I have been looking into Shopify, 3Dcart, GoDaddy, Fat Cow, etc. Does anyone have any experience with any hosted websites? I do not know anything about HTML or putting up a website but feel I need to have a bigger web presence.
Precisely, Diane! I buy my domain names from GoDaddy but use Typepad for my, easy, and hardly needs any html skills and those you will pick up as time goes on. Here is a link to a story I wrote about artists and websites:
Oops. Reading this later.

Damn, Chris, I find that hard to believe. Really? Arghhh..

I'm going to poll a group of women artists who I run a mail list for. I'll post results. They are mostly middle aged, having been in the arts for decades. Let's see if they fit the profile.

Thanks for the info.

PS My website is wordpress based, has a blog, gallery, and is tied into mailchimp to collect names and email addies.
My entire website is set up on a Wordpress blog. With some added plugins for galleries and calendars and the Artpal plugin to make the studio sale page, it works very well. It is easy to maintain and update. Here's a link:
Have a blog/website with plugins for a gallery of photos. The photos that go up will show your work, and the text is what the search engines look for. I recommend WordPress for the blog platform, but host it at a web host company. You'll be able to do more with plugins. Images will show up as smaller pics first, then larger when someone clicks on them. I would (and do) also have a Facebook page - easy to setup and one points to the other.
I do have a facebook page and an etsy site. I bought my domain name from Go Daddy (today) and since I want an online store I still have to look at web hosting companies. I just am trying to figure out if there are big differences bewtween tham and what I should be looking for. I'm looking at 3D Cart, Fat Cow, GoDaddy, and Shopify. I don't know if there are others that I should look at. I am loking for ez set up - not very technically apt when it comes to those kind of things.
Add to your list. It's pretty user friendly.


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