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I did a flower show this past weekend in upstate New York, and yesterday I decided to grab a hot dog from the assigned food vendor of the complex.

About 3 of us were waiting for the late teen early 20's girl to put down her cell phone and get the dogs as she seemed to have an ultra important text to send. She opened a package of rolls and tried to open the buns so she could put the dogs in them, but seemed to have a great deal of difficulty opening them. She would toss each one aside or on the floor as they just wouldn't open! She complained to her friend using some colorful language until he told her to flip the buns over! "There it is" she exclaimed, and went about getting our food.

$15 an hour? I don't think so.

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That confirms my decision about bringing my own food to the shows.

We usually do, but the hours were Friday 10 to 8, Saturday 9 to 7, and Sunday 10 to 5 and we were staying in a hotel. So on Sunday I decided to splurge. Big mistake.

I couldn't agree with you more!!! If I were her boss, the cell phones would have to remain in her LOCKER until she had a BREAK.-they cannot live without them at work-even in the bathroom-so sad. When I had a hip-replacement in 2011, the nurses had their PRIVATE one in their one pocket, & their business one in the other right after I came out of surgery. pathetic. I wonder how much $$ she LOST throwing the buns away too. If they can't do the job for less, what makes them think they should get MORE?! OMG. Hopefully she will be replaced by a ROBOT, with that attitude. The SAD part is, they are made in Singaphore I heard! LOL-can't win.  When I'm out of town, I like to get those rotisserie chickens & make sandwiches at the hotel & bring cole slaw-chips, water-whatever. They are so good! I hate rubber deli meat.

The fast food industry is ready for the wage hike. They are already testing screens at the counter where the customer taps in the meal selections and it comes out of the back, This will eliminate 30 to 40% of people needed to run the place.

It is sad to say that is the typical work ethic of young people. :(


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