Hi folks! I would like to know what other members have experienced regarding this situation.
I applied via ZAPP to a Craft show in New York last year that was cancelled. I understand that the promoters are not required to refund application fees, but I did inquire by email about a refund anyway, and the contact/administrators of the cancelled New York show promised several times by email that the refund would be mailed "next week". The same 2 people are administering the show in a different city which is a huge success, apparently. So, this is not really a fly-by-night organization.
Most recently, this same organization is joining forces with a major and highly-regarded Crafts organization which publishes a magazine 6 times a year.
How to handle the lying and brush-offs? It would be different if I had been told when I contacted the show, "no refunds". But - that was not what I was told.

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  • HI Oscar, and anybody still following this thread:

    A happy ending - Lisa Alcantar contacted me and I did receive the refund check, which was sent by FedEx which is not convenient for me, and they did not honor my request to just refund me back via Paypal. Sigh.

    • Julie just be happy that you got the money back.

  • Call ZAPP and tell them.
    Here's the phone number 888-562-7232

    Larry Berman

    • Hi Larry, I did make ZAPP aware of the situation last year. They basically were no help.

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