• I knew someone with the undercover and they only thought it was "ok" but they exclaimed how badly it leaks.

    Well, I learned that all roofs leak until you get vinyl. At that point it looks like you need to hit the 1,000 price point or buy an aftermarket one (if they make it for your tent).

    I had a post about higher quality pop up tents from last year. You should check it out since there was some feedback. It's hard to find people talking about these high end tents with firsthand experience.

    My eurmax roof leaks at the seals, but I knew that going in. I bought a sealer I just never applied it yet. It seems like a very strong tent.

    Someone recently told me they bought a eurmax and hated it. I felt kind of bad because I told them I thought mine was nice, but they got one of the models with square legs. I still didn't put the eurmax through many shows, maybe 5? But it seems like a tank compared to my EZ up, and I have it set up in a fraction of the time.

    I should add that I plan on going to a weekend show coming up and I will use the trimline because the weather has been known to be bad there. The trimline is a tank, but it takes a lot more work to put up and take down.

  • The sliding curtain type walls are a completely different design from the  Undercover professional I had years ago. Not sure about the strength of curtains hanging on a rope or cable. However it does seem easier than rolling up the sides if they can be bunched up against the legs so they won't take up space.

  • I would recommend a tent where the sides connect in the corners, not in the middle of the walls. Connecting in the middle of the walls means the bunched together sides will get in the way when the front of the tent is open. Depending on your medium, that may not be a problem. But for 2D work that hangs on walls, you need every inch of the ten foot opening at bigger shows.

    Larry Berman

    • Larry, 2-d work is not an issue.

  • The Undercover Professional is the first tent I bought when I started doing shows about 5 years ago. It was a good tent and got good use from it until I sold it to a friend who is still using it. They need a good seam sealant just as any non-vinyl tent needs.

    there seems to be quite a few good pop up tents available in the same price range these days.

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