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Question1: How many pieces is too many? I have 233 pieces of handdrawn originals already matted/bagged, and another 100+ ready for something to be done to them. I have plenty of canvas stand-up bins and bins for the table so its fairly easy to have it all out there. I also wonder if i should post this many pieces online. I started a Wix site this week and i can use the photo galleries to organize it by size, or style, or color ranges.. or?

Question2: Put artwork in like categories or not? I work in a few styles, ranging from kid-friendly, retro/abstract, realistic, action, and as this week I've started doing dark-forboding sad pieces of people in distress and/or pain. So should I keep each type separate or mix it all up? Might sound like an easy choice, but I also don't want to miss the opportunity to challenge people - make them question a natural choice. 

Thanks in advance. Rick

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You might want to separate into different categories, the Theological from the porn.  :-)

Couldn't help myself there.

If you feel the subject matter will appeal to different types of people, uniquely, then I would categorize.

If you feel anyone, is a prospect for any piece, then I would not separate. This might pigeonhole your candidates and lose some potential.

Separating them never works because you'll spend the entire show fixing them because after picking them up, people will put them in the last place they looked before leaving the booth. Separate by size because you can control the size of the bins.

Larry Berman

On a web site, there is a limit to how many pieces of art work on a single page.  There isn't a correct answer to how may per page, but I think 2 dozen is a lot, and 4 dozen is too much. Therefore you should have multiple galleries.  If you have multiple galleries it makes sense to divide them by themes, or styles, which also gives you an opportunity for description.  Description is good for search engine traffic.

If you want to encourage people to visit multiple galleries you can have a master gallery page with one image from each gallery, or a slide show displaying images from different galleries that link back.

thanks, lots of solid advice here. For the website I decided 18-22 pieces per gallery, max of 8 galleries, separated by size like I did at my first show earlier this month (only did one so far, 5500 attendance at a small music venue, next outing will have 450,000+ people over 3 days).


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