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Trying to buy used tents. I have an opportunity to buy either a Trim Line or Light Dome. In your opinion what is best?

Trim line, sides, awnings and stay bars with mesh panels.

Light Dome, awnings, and stay bars, no mesh panels.

Both the same price...

Thanks for you help.

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Brenda, check out this link Canopy Comparisons

How tall are you?  And is weight a problem?  Light Domes are lighter but you have to put the top on with it halfway up.  I got rid of my Craft Hut for that reason.  I always needed help to put the top on.  With the Trimline you put the top on with it on the ground.  I find that a lot easier but the Trimline is heavier.  I've also heard that Trimline has better customer service.  I know that I have gotten good service from them.  Whenever I have had to order a part they always ask me when my next show it, how soon do I need it?  I'm assuming the Trimline is older because you are getting more for the same price.  My Trimline is 10 years old and going great.

Does the trim line take up more room to pack?  Does it take longer to set up?

I've never put up a Light Dome so I can't say for sure.  There seem to be fewer parts to a Light Dome.


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