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I am about to drive across the country for my summer adventure. I need some advice on traveling with a 20 ft trailer. I am driving a Ford Transit 250 and will be pulling a 20ft Travel Trailer. I will be doing 4 shows in the month of August, Therefore I have alot of inventory with me. I have the option of off loading some of my art at my daughters house in Denver before I start traveling in the Mountains. Or would it be better for my van to be heavy so the travel trailer doesn't " push " me as hard down the mountain. I know gas mileage is going to suck so that really isn't that big of an issue. I'm just wondering. Anybody with trailer experience have thoughts on this? Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Kendra,

Lots of things to consider if you haven't already. Does the trailer have brakes and do you have the controller installed in your van? Do you know what your van is rated to tow?... I think it's 5000lbs approx? Regarding the trailer, do you know the GVWR? So the trailer will have a certain weight and the GVWR is total of trailer and cargo... so if GVWR is 5000 and it's weight is 2000... you can only carry 3000 of cargo. If you have a 20 ft trailer, chances are it's GVWR will be greater than the towing capacity that your van so you should go beyond the 5000 lb towing capacity although you may have room in your trailer. And another big factor, tires. The better/thicker the tires, the less headache you will have. Absolutely have a good spare tire with you/ maybe 2. Do you have roadside assistance for a trailer? AAA won't assist a trailer unless you have additional coverage. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way when I had a trailer. It's do-able but is stressful. Also, wind will be a factor while driving across country... Oh, I just realized you mentioned travel trailer and not cargo trailer so chances are it won't be as heavy but certainly double check the weight.

Yes the travel Trailer has it's own power brake and it is installed in my van. It also has an emergency button just incase. I have road side assistance on my Van as well as the trailer. I'm pretty sure I'm not over my weight limit. Thanks for the response.


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