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There are many discussions on the top ten art shows.  I'd like to see discussion on top craft shows.

The big ones that come to mind are Yellow Daisy, Stone Mountain,GA  and Christmas in the Country, Hamburg, NY.  What are some of your top shows? 

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Smithsonian has to be right up there. No, never even thought about it, just lust from afar.

The League of New Hampshire Craftsman's Fair in Sunapee, NH. Celebrating it's 78th year. But you gotta be a resident of NH or live within 10 miles of the border.

There are some great craft shows out there.

So for me, Chester, NJ is always good, and there are shows I rank in my top 10 even though they aren't real moneymakers. Gloucester, MA comes readily to mind, simply because of the venue right next to the harbor where I can look out the back of my booth and watch the lobstermen pulling up their traps.


Deb, What are your top 10?

Jacki B

I posted two. Have to think to get ten.

Smithsonian Craft Show

Philadelphia Craft Show

Craft Boston

American Craft Exposition, Evanston IL

ACC Baltimore

Paradise City, Northampton MA

   I am interested in finding out which craft shows (everything made by the seller)  are the best ones to attend in the mid-west.    I have not done many craft shows but wanting some input if you would like to share.


Cheryl Lamon


I realize this an old thread, but kicking it around on here. So...Yellow Daisy huh? Let me warn those who are not selling SOS to stay away...If you've got soup mixes, salsa, or soap you may very well have your best show there.

For all else here, just google the history of Stone Mountain Georgia (as though you wouldn't know already - LOL). They still light off fireworks above the carving of General Lee in the side of the mountain. Certainly not my market, but to each his own. We all have to find our niche.

This brings up a question: How do we rate the "best" shows?

Angela, I'll start with you. What is your criteria to qualify as a "best" show? Is it sales only, as SA does? Or treatment of exhibitors? Venue? Space size? Weather?


Sales or potential for sales.

Larry Berman

Ok, would you consider returning to a show where there were SOS or the dreaded "country crafts" if you made good money there?

Isn't that why we do art shows, to pay the bills? Sometimes I do shows where I can park behind my booth. That's the ultimate convenience. But I won't go back if I can't make any money.

Larry Berman

I'm glad to know that.

You see, I see so may exhibitors who look down their nose at some shows simply because of what else is there. I believe one person called it "substandard".

I am an evil Capitalist. I am in business to make money.


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