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So, I just completed my first art fair, it wasn't a big or fancy show but had big prizes, and is (apparently) trying to build up to something great. It was good, though not too busy, the weather was absolute perfection! I made a friend in the artist next door, so we had a lot of fun talking and enjoying the (small) crowd. The festival itself was well run, easy load in and out, they were great about making sure we stayed hydrated, and had trustworthy booth sitters for little breaks. I don't know if I'll do this show again or not, because I have nothing yet to compare it to, but I sold a lot of prints and made a few valuable contacts. So all in all I say it was a good first experience.

I have to say, though, that even though I never feel comfortable in situations reminiscent of sales of any kind,   I felt fully prepared to be there, I am a shy person and prefer not to talk to, or make contact with, people face to face. Thinking about it now even makes my palms sweat a bit-but the info I found here was like a treasury of people whispering In my ear that I can do it, that this is where I belong, and that I have the tools for this job.

I have to tell you that this site has given me such fantastic information. The information I have used from here has given me another gift: acceptance notices are starting to roll on in after a bumpy start (I had a poor excuse for a booth shot and poor shots of my work.) I had gotten few rejections, but now I am getting accepted to nearly all the shows I'd like to be a part of. I know fully, that I would not be getting in were it not for this site. So thank you to everyone who has posted a little thing about this or that on here, all those little bits of knowledge are a fantastic coach to those of us who are new to this, and a bigger thank you, to those who run this site. It is priceless service.

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Great to hear your first experience was so positive.  I love this site, also, and I am an old timer.

Hi Gretchen,

Thanks for sharing your first art fair experience with us and thanks for the kind words about the site.  I'm pretty new at this myself and although I enjoy meeting and talking with people, it's still pretty scary putting yourself and your work out there for the world to see.  I'm glad you had a positive experience and it will only get better and easier as you continue along...thanks again and continued success.

Hello Gretchen, glad you found us.  Also, glad that this site is giving you lots of helpful ideas. 

What show were you talking about in your post?

Here is something that may help you.  It is a post written by someone who is an introvert and an artist.

Hi, thank you for the link. It was the Osceola Fall Art Festival. It is funny, I did an art and Wine walk night before last, called Jingle Eve in Orlando, and it was a great success, I made more there (in six hours) than at the weekend festival, and all off prints and such. but I see that it really does make a difference, coming out of my cozy little shell, lol. Hopefully, being more talkative, and and more of an advocate for my art, will get easier in time. We shall see :)

Don't judge your sales at that art show its not a great show .Pay attention to your demographics what age group older versus younger and male or female buyers .It will help down the road picking your locales for shows where your demographics fit. Sales it comes with experience if you are excited about  your work then it will start coming easy .The hardest was when to engage when not to engage your customer .I always make to welcome them and hope I know if they want to engage LOL.

Congratulations on your successes! Keep on pluggin' away at it. And thanks for your participation here as well. WOOHOO!

Thanks! :)

That's so great to hear! Congratulations.

I'm in my first art show at the end of March (Uptown Art Expo) and am a whole lot more prepared after finding this site. I just hope to have the success you're having :)

This site IS awesome. I've gotten tons of great information here, met people who I then have met and enjoyed in real life, and found lots to consider and think about. Thanks, Connie and everyone, and thank you, Gretchen, for reminding me to be grateful.


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