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VERY suspicious of this.

I just got a postcard invite today to apply for this.

They call it 'not your average arts festival. A one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Shoppe Artisan showcases a curated collection of distinctive, handmade products chosen from thousands of independent makers throughout North America.

 BUT..They have categories such as Office & Tech—office gadgets & accessories, charging devices, 3-D printing products, leather covers & briefcases. 

A one of a kind charging device?

This offends me as an original artist.

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Not impressed with leather work image shown for "Artisan Directory".

$1350 for a 10' x 10'. I'll take two.


I noticed they are advertising here too. SIGH.

Here is what I know. The people who are starting this market have extensive background in producing trade shows and events, over 30 years. Their dates are solid shopping dates, right before the holidays. They live in Atlanta, they know this market. You can read their story at this link to learn more:

What I think it is going to be is a mix of "product" and one of a kind, not that different from the One of a Kind Show in Chicago which brings in small artisanal people to sell food products, etc.

What else you might do if you're interested is give them a call, get a dialogue going. Those booth fees are not normal for indoor events, although I don't know what the ACC charges when they hold their show there. They are comparable, I believe, to the OOAK show in Chicago. 

Just wanted to add a different perspective, and I know NOTHING about this show. But there are artists who make very beautiful and handmade covers for tablets, and thumb drives. So yes, it's possible to have one-of-a-kind charging devices. The artist doesn't make the technical piece (the Ipad, the phone, the flash drive), but makes a wholly new cover for it.

Not looking for an argument on whether this is art or not, just saying I've seen and been impressed by the work that has been done in this area by some folks I consider gifted artists.

I appreciate your different perspective Camryn but Ill bet you anything that the office gadgets are stuff made in China. YOu say you have a handmade tablet cover. Im sure there area a 'few' one of a kind tablet covers but what about the 3d printing products and briefcases? (Come now!)

Also the clothing and shoe category I would bet is almost all imported.

Connie. I did call and got  very unacceptable answers when I asked my questions .

Yes you say it will be a 'mix of "product" and one of a kind'. I see that but when you charge that amount for a two day show and you see categories  which are to me just flea market 'products' why would you say its  'not your average art festival?

Yep in my opinion its not your average art festival because its mixed with even more buy/sell than normal.

We went to a flea market last week and the booth fees are $120. The 'products'we saw there were identical to this shows categories.

You may be right, Michelle, and it is certainly worth taking a look at it. I don't believe these have an art fair background, but have put on retail events in the area for years. Someone like you, who has extensive art fair background in the fine arts, might be a sound adviser to them, and could turn this into more of a one of a kind market. I know you are enterprising. Wouldn't it be great if there was a "one of a kind show" in Atlanta at this time of the year? That's what I'm always thinking about, finding new markets, refining the old ones. Art festivals aren't the only place to make money; could a partnership here create an opportunity?

People flock to the OOAK show in Chicago and it has some very fine work, but interlaced with production studios and food products, so that the buyers can almost do all their holiday shopping one place.

I agree with Camryn somewhat.  I have seen very nice charging stations made by experienced woodworkers.  

A one-of-a-kind artisan 3-D printing product, however, defies my imagination. 

To add to what Camryn said, modding is actually a really big thing among techies with specific aesthetics and who have a "crafty" hobby itch. Especially in the Steampunk sub-culture! There's a local crafter here in Syracuse who makes absolutely beautiful Steampunk computer gadgets (the picture I embedded isn't his specifically, but it's similar to his work). He buys the "naked" hard drive or thumb drive or whatever, and completely hand makes a new case for it. It's very fine work. He may not be an artist, but definitely an artisan.

As for 3D printing products, a LOT of younger artists have been mining 3D printing for its sculpture and fine craft potential. Since it's a grey area in the matter of hand made/fabrication, my guess would be the 3D printing product category is for this emerging medium.

Thank you, Manda. That is a very interesting contribution to this discussion. I had not idea ... this is pretty amazing.

I like this.  I would be prone to buy one!


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