The Latest on Lighting?

I'd like to add lighting to my booth. Many of the shows I do prohibit generators, so I'm looking at a battery-operated solution.

At recent shows, I've seen exhibitors using both CFLs and LEDs. If any of you are willing to share details about your set up, I would really appreciate it because I am not at all technically astute when it comes to this sort of thing. I want to purchase a set up once and (hopefully) not make any costly mistakes along the way. I can haul a deep cycle marine battery & inverter if that's what it takes, but if anyone has a lighter and less bulky set up that offers about 5 hours of life each day, I'd be interested in hearing more.



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  • Since we have upgraded to a double tent, pro panels (black) and only a single 10' opening on the front, we need lighting. We are going with a deep cycle marine battery, inverter and LED bulbs. The light to wattage is better on the LED's. All you really care about is how many watts you will be pulling and the rating of the battery. We have 11 blubs @ 9W rating (65W equivalent) and are pulling ~5W more than rated. The battery will probably work for a day and a half without recharge.

    Remember to use an inverter than is closer to what you will actually pull (1000W inverter on 60W pull is less efficient than a 250W inverter generally).

    Steve Sawusch

    • Thank you for the information, Steve!


  • I use all solar lighting in my booth. Kind of a hybrid approach since I have many solar lights that charge in the sunlight. I will test out this model at the Crosby Festival of Arts and will take a booth shot with the solar lights. It keeps the weight down from not having to take extra batteries...

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