Has anyone participated, or even heard of this (do I call it an event/showing)? Has anyone had any success with them? Are they legitimate? (did I spell that right?). It is through Juried Art Services that I found this......what do you folks think?

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  • This looked like a fantastic opportunity so I went online and started to apply.  Then it gets to the part where you have to include the price for your art.  The magazine gets a 50% commission.  Therefore, if I am going to make money on my art, I will have to charge people DOUBLE the amount that I would at a show or on Etsy.   I have some pieces at local art stores that take a 20% cut which is fine, but 50%???  Plus a $300 start up fee?  Am I mistaken?  Math was never one of my strengths. 
    • Well, if you submit work to some catalogs, they'll actually triple the price, so you as the artist will make 1/3 what the sales price is when listed... Some catalogs will also require that you NOT sell the same item on your site or Etsy as to be competition.  So, you do have to decide those aspects of the process.  In theory, what you sell at a show should be the retail price, not the wholesale price anyway.  So, if you were to offer it on Artful, it "should be" your same retail price because you'd still be making your wholesale on the item.  And, $300 is what you'd spend on a booth fee at a bigger show so... again, in theory, this should all be "about the same".


      Bravo on finding a place that only has a 20% commission!  Most places now are 50-60%, so you feel like it's a deal when it's only 40%!  LOL!

    • No, you're not mistaken.  This is what turned me off completely in the end.
  • I have been with them almost since they started.  For awhile they put my work in almost every catalog and my sales were great.  I haven't been in a catalog in quite awhile but I still get some sales from them.  My decline in sales with them probably has more to do with the price of gold than anything  to do with them.  They are very professional to deal with.  Since I can't afford to do shows anymore it is worth my time to be on their website.

  • I used to work with them before the internet existed.  They used to produce 2 books per year, one with artwork that catered to interior designers and collectors, like Geri and one with artwork that catered to architects and commissions for installations in offices, buildings, homes, etc.  I did it several times and got a couple of commissions.  The books were professionally done and the people are great to work with.  They have a stellar reputation.  I keep meaning to do the online catalog but I keep forgetting.  The work is top quality.  If you can get into Baltimore ACE, you can get into the Artful Home.  There are plenty of photographers on the web site.
  • Their catalogs are like going to an art fair without leaving home.  They are beautifully done.  I have been getting them for years.  I have purchased pottery and jewelry from them.  They are very proactive.  If you start to order online and don't complete the order, they will call to see if there was a problem that they can help you with.  

    The catalog is pretty much divided by the different media they represent.

    When I find an artist that I like, I usually google them and go to their website if they have one.  I check to see if they are going to be at a show near me or if I can buy what I want from their website.  

    I take advantage of their few sales also.  

    • If you sign up for their emails. you get at least one every other week emphasizing a different medium or art that is appropriate for the time of year or something like that.  They don't let you forget they are around.
    • They have been around for a long, long time - they used to be called guild.com. They are one of the few survivors from the glut of online art sales sites that cropped up in the'80s. They have always advertised agressively and consistently, which explains their surviving when so many others disappeared.
  • I looked into this last year and decided that it wasn't for me.  It was $300  to "join" - not sure if the fees have changed.  Not sure what your medium is, but I found the catalog to be heavy on jewelry, glass, and clothing.  I'm a photographer and they included very little photo in the catalog, and a comparatively small amount of 2D work in general.  I would suggest getting on their mailing list and watching it for a few cycles to see if your work is a fit or not.
    • Great idea Jacqueline. Thank you--will do that......
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