The Etsy Wars

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The Etsy Wars
Artisans flocked to this online marketplace, but few made enough to quit their day jobs. Now comes the struggle to keep them.

Has anyone tried the other sites similar to Etsy? SOCexchange, ARTFIRE? or DaWanda?

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  • I'm on Etsy and DaWanda and 1000 Markets. I've been on Etsy about 2 years and have had quiet a few sales there. I've only had 1 sale on DaWanda but I totally ignore my DaWanda shop. It's funny because I thought I would reach more European buyers through DaWanda but all my 'out of the country' sales have been on Etsy and the one sale I had on DaWanda was from someone in Texas LOL. 1000 Markets, well, I just opened shop there a couple of months ago....I love the way it looks and I think it has the potential to be a good venue. I just need to put some time into it. The good thing about Etsy is that a lot of people know about it. I got invitations from 2 galleries last month that found me through Etsy. When people come to your booth at art shows they are often familiar with Etsy as well. No one's heard of the other ones.
  • I joined FineArtAmerica and actually sold a print of one of my tiles. Surprised the bejeesus outta me. :) I am on about a dozen sell sites and it's the first thing I have sold outside of my own catalog page on my web site. Not to be a downer, my tiles are very difficult to sell, even in person. Most of the sell sites dont even HAVE a category for my tile at all, I have to join under ceramics or pottery. No fair.
  • I have tried . I like them. I haven't sold anything but then I haven't been active on it updating and all that stuff either. They get great traffic and are great about promoting people too.

    When it comes to selling online I think folks wanting to sell need to pay particular attention to who is visiting and what is selling the most. If the medium you work in is sparse this could mean one of two things... 1) You found a niche or 2) No one is interested in that stuff. I have heard of Artfire and they sound good - don't participate with them though. The others never really heard of them.
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