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I searched for this particular subject, but couldn't find anything. I am just starting out and I can't swing anything in the Trimline category just yet. Does anyone have any recommendations of any other tent brands? Are there any others that are between Trimline and EZ-UP in quality? Any info would be appreciated.


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Not really if the issue is $$. Look for a used lightdome or Trimline.

Look on craigslist for good deals on lightly used tents, you may find something you can afford there. 

I did a show this weekend and it rained very hard overnight. Two venders with caravan tents had serious problems with leaking. One the tent top disconnected and made a giant water ballon inside her tent. Needless to say much of her product got wet. The other the tent leaked and her bins (that were inside the tent) had water in them which damaged the art work she had stored there to be protected from the rain. 

I don’t know how old the tents were but that made me want to avoid caravan tents. I’m sure people can tell you similar stories about EZ-ups but so far, mine is holding up well (only 5 years).

In this thread you state u cannot afford a trim line.

In another thread you advertise you are looking for a gently used trim line.

What is it you want?

P.S.- it's good form to answer those posting an attempt to help you.......


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