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I am getting ready to "up my game" and invest in a more professional display, and wondered if the community could give me advice on what type of display walls they like.  I am an acrylic and watercolor artist, so I would be displaying a variety of framed pieces and canvas.  Most of my pieces 16 x 20 or smaller.  I currently have an EZ up brand tent.  I'm not sure whether to go with a mesh wall, like those offered by Flourish, or with the panel display system like Pro Panels.  I drive a midsize SUV to shows, so don't have too much space.  Also, I often do shows alone without help for setup, so I'd like something easy for one person setup.  Any advice?

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Mesh walls take up far less space in your vehicle than a set of Pro Panels. The only trade off is the possibility of backlighting so it's wise to keep your canopy walls lowered behind the mesh walls, or back the mesh with a solid fabric the same color as the mesh.

Larry Berman

Larry is correct.

If you choose the Black, mesh walls from Flourish, they are different from the White. The black have a double wall. Mesh inside / woven outside. This greatly reduces the backlighting problem.

You hang artwork on the inside with S hooks. On the outside with Drapery hooks.

Takes about 5 minutes to hang all three walls.

Once packed in the carry bag it takes up about 8" x 10" x 60"

Thank you, Larry and Larry!  Sounds like the mesh walls might be best for me.  Light weight, easy set up, lower cost, and packs easier.  Do you know of any potential drawbacks?  Are the mesh panels considered acceptable for most shows?

Mesh walls and Pro panels hold the same status for art shows and juries. Make sure to hang and photograph your booth so it looks professional.

Larry Berman

Not only acceptable but admired. I've had plenty of other artists admire my black mesh walls and look into getting them for themselves.

The only potential drawback to the mesh, as far as I've been able to find and I believe has been mentioned, is they are limited to where you have a  frame. Therefore, the outside walls or if you make a French Wall or something like that. They need a support to hang from and be able to attach to at both sides and bottom- perimeter. Whereas the propanels can support themselves. So an advantage of propanels might be... you move them forward from the back wall of your booth maybe 18" to allow for a false wall for back storage. This is not very easy to do with the mesh. To attempt this with mesh you would need to hang an additional stabar / crossbar at the top and bottom, as well as an upright at both ends.

If you go with the mesh walls from Flourish, I suggest you request having them "cut" for french doors. What they do is precut the upper and lower, internal frame bars to allow them to be converted into partial walls / partial doorways. This gives you flexibility. It is very minor then to make a wall into having a door or french wall.

If you want that option you would also want the special hardware. They will advise you. Their friendliness and support is outstanding. 

Thank you, again, for the advice.  I just ordered the white mesh panels and had them cut for the back door option.  I really liked the look of the black mesh, but thought many of my black framed works would not show up well against it.  Excited to start showing outdoors now!

That's what I decided to do. I used white mesh walls and had a friend sew Velcro tabs at the top of white fabric to back the walls.

Larry Berman

I switched to black mesh walls this past year from grid walls and really like how quickly I can set them up. Plus they really make my paintings pop.

Wow, beautiful display!  Your work looks very good against that black!

Thank you so kindly Sonja!

Your panels look great, Joel, and I did consider making some panels myself, also.  But I was worried about the weight and the amount of space they might take up in my vehicle.  I was considering the Pro panels that I saw could be broke down into smaller sections, I think they are called "kd", but even that looks like it might be bulky.


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