• Any updates on anyone who has recently done a Sugarloaf show?

    • I'm also curious.  I am a little concerned that they had an opening in Jewelry in Chantilly at the end of this month ... I did apply, but I had no expectation of being accepted.  I surely don't want to be in the pig barn, tho I've been offered a "barn" location in Gaithersburg.  I really thought I might get into Timonium, but not so.

      I wasn't in the biz when shows were really great, so my expectations are low, but with a $720 fee, I'd like to make $2100.  I don't know what to do.

      Nolly Gelsinger

  • I know they pulled out of Michigan a few years back because they weren't making enough money here.  There show dates were taken by the Great Lakes Show group.
    • Here's a small post on my blog about it,
      I like The Montgomery Co fairgrounds, it was a beautiful day when we went to check it out and on their website I'm seeing artists I've purchased from when I've attended as a customer, it's nice to see they're back. This is the first time I've done a show this size, I wonder how much the economy has played in the downsizing of Sugarloaf...
  • Actually when I've told folks I'm participating they think the show is at Sugarloaf Mountain, which is a beautiful location, but not at all where the shows are held. I'm afraid my mom may still go to the mountain no matter how many times I say it's at the Gaithersburg fairgrounds. I do get overwhelmed by the amount of jewelry at Sugarloaf, but also by the amount of pottery/ceramics, and the pricing of ceramics is all over the place, I'm really curious how the competition will be.
    • Please do review it!

      We called last week and they told us spots are still available f.Fine Art only (Chantilly) for the Fall shows, We are in DC area so that is close...but the only time we ever visited Sugarloaf it seemed to be mostly craft... now they are accepting Fine artists.... it is always difficult to sell paintings when there are tons of jewlers, potters etc...

      • But one of the advantages of this is with fine art you are very much in a minority and don't have the competition the potters and jewelers have. It is worth a try. Years back we did some of these shows, when they fit our show schedule. We drove from Michigan and did just fine.

      • The Sugarloaf show is rapidly approaching now, here's how it's gone so far... 
        I received my packet, it has 10 free passes good for all 3 days to give to my best customers which is really nice. My husband and I went to the fairgrounds to check out our space, it's in one of the pig barns that has a fenced chute for the animals around the outer perimeter. I took photos and measured and made a list. I'm bringing a metal garden rake and a shovel to move the dirt floor around to get as level as possible. I think we'll put a tarp down before the rug. I spent a few days last week trying to get in touch with the web tech because my business information was till not up on the site ( many other artists not there as well) I haven't looked yet today to see if it's up yet, and he let me know he was irritated by all my e-mails. I've had conversations with a couple of seasoned Sugarloaf artists, a metal sculptor,' a wood furniture craftsman and a jewelry maker. The sculptor has been participating for many years, it used to be a show he could support his family with the crowds used to be 50,000, now they are down to 7,000, he hadn't decided whether he would do the show this year last I spoke with him but said they need artists and he could wait to decide. The furniture craftsman won't do the shows anymore. The jeweler will be in the main building and has had a positive experience with the shows. 
  • Well, I think I will give it a shot this year and hope for the best.  Thanks for the input
    • I checked their site last year once the artists were listed for their spring shows.  The Oaks show had SO much jewelry (didn't check the other sites).  Even though I'm mostly a bead weaver/embroiderer, it was too much competition for the amount you have to put out for your space.  Just my two cents.    Good luck!


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