I last heard that they weren't supposed to come too quickly. BUT- my son got his last week, and he's still working.

Just wondering if anyone wants to disclose. We haven't received anything.

Thank you!

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  • Dh and I got a debit card with funds loaded on it, arrived yesterday.  We have a retail b and m unrelated to my craft business.  It’s an s-Corp and its profit has been our livelihood but also was counted when figuring if we qualified for assistance.  We never qualified, till now.  Not sure why but wells take it.

    • Yes, I know it feels strange to take the money, but think of how much you have paid in taxes down through the years.  So we are all getting a break and it is appreciated. (smiling)

      • Yes, Judy we’ve paid plenty over the decades.  Dh has worked full time since he was 15 And is 64 now.

      • No qualms here when I think about how the 1% rips off all of us with insider deals and trading.

  • My sister on social security got hers almost immediately.  I thought we would get ours quickly since we file online but I forgot that we haven't gotten a refund in over 15 years.  I went on the website and added our bank info but it was still another month or so before ours came in.  If I remember correctly some people who get paper checks may take as long as September.  They are being sent out in order of income with the lowest income people getting them first.

  • We got ours on Saturday. $Kaching!$

  • I've been checking website for a month, Finally says I will get direct deposit 5-13-2020. I'll believe it when I see it.

    • It will be in your account before you wake up on Wednesday and you will be happy like I was. I got mine exactly when they said it was going to be there and they always deliver really early in the morning.

      • Your were right Barry. 6:00am MST an it was there. Also got $500 and change rebate from State Farm this week too. Client paid for saddle up front to start in July so it has been a super good week so far.

  • I got mine April 29th. Everyone we know got theirs, except my Steve. His will come in a check.  I almost feel GUILTY as I would rather WORK!  HOPEFULLY some shows will open sometime in July-August-if not we'll have to sell other ways.  I know the States all have different rules about opening, so our sales will go to the ones who are opening 1st who I feel deserve our ART-retail or wholesale-whatever it takes! We just need to be careful-wear a mask & follow the guidelines that were suggested. We can't live our lives in total FEAR. Life goes on as with other viruses that have come & gone. Everyone-BE WELL & Steve & I wish the best for all the Artists & Crafters!

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