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I was looking at a bunch of booths in the booth review forum and noticed that a lot of them don't have any signs with the artists name/company on them. Is this the standard way to do it, or is that just for Jury review photos?

I have my first show coming up and I'm thinking I should get a banner made, but I'd rather not shell out more money if it's not going to make a difference.

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I won’t speak for others but here goes.  We did a booth shot without signage for jury purposes.  However I have done other booth shots *with* signage.  I want customers to know my logo from photos and business cards so they can easily identify my booth when they walk in it.

Yes, what Cindy said. No sign in the booth shot for juries, because the jurying is supposed to be anonymous. BUT I highly recommend having your name and your hometown on a sign that is in your booth. I attended a smaller event this past weekend and found it very annoying that very few people had their name posted. I like to know who people are and where they are from. I know lots of artists and this helps with context ... please have a name sign.

You are not allowed to show any identification in your jury pictures. The process is supposed to be a blind jury. Any identification and some shows will reject your images and ask you to submit without identification.

Larry Berman

Thank you everyone

never put up a booth banner if your stuff is easy and attractive to steal at night. Its easier to find your booth and most security is not that good. I have had stuff stolen and even thought it might be security.

Fortunately all of the vendors in indoors and the building gets locked every night at 10pm. I still plan on covering everything with a sheet after we close down for the day. I might even take my print bins home with me. Hopefully getting framed prints off the walls will be too much of a hassle for any would-be thieves


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