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Has anyone used a Showoff and a Trimline tent? I have a Showoff and am thinking of buying a Trimline, and would love some insight/feedback. Thanks!

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Hi Carrie
I haven't had either but have set a few trimline & crafthut. I'm shopping for a tent and considering a Show Off. Why are you buying new tent and what are your likes and dislikes of Show Off.

I'm eyeballing the Showoff. I've been using an EZUp for the past...almost 20 years(!), 10-20 shows a year (And yes, it's the same one. I've added the stabilizer bars, mesh walls, and lots of weight and have never had a rain/wind problem). Feel like it's time to upgrade, but there are so many options. The Showoff seems like a good option for me. I do shows solo, and I like the fewer, and lighter, parts of the Showoff. What are the issues you've had with the Showoff?

:) D

Darcy, keep in mind that while there are more parts on the trimline, a lot of them you can happily just leave attached when you're tearing down. The only "small piece" I remove completely are the feet, since they have sharp edges. Everything else stays attached to whatever large bar they're connected to. Makes it a lot easier to figure out which bars go where, too. Once you've done it a couple times it's pretty quick to put together the actual canopy. I spent way more time putting together a 10x10 square of interlocking anti-fatigue mats to floor the booth than I did putting up the tramline itself.

Hi Carrie. Do you do shows by yourself? I have been next to several people who have set up the Trimline. Took them forever. It's a very nice tent but VERY heavy. I don't know if you are super strong but I think it could be difficult for a woman alone. We bought the Finale by Creative Energies. It's a nice tent with aluminum poles. Still heavy but manageable. My husband does a ggod job putting it up with a little help from me. The tent has the barrel style roof which I like. Good luck with your choice.

Thank you for the input, everyone. I'm going to stick with my Showoff, which I love, and make some changes in my set-up to emulate the things I like about the Trimline. Yes, I do shows alone, Suzanne, and I can put my tent up by myself. It helps if I have a helper, but it is very do-able. 

Darcy Horn, my issues have to do with the decisions I have to make every show about how I'm going to set up the Showoff. It has a remarkable flexibility in terms of set-up, and that was one of many things that attracted me at the start, but now I find I wish I had fewer decisions. So I'm going to decide on a basic set-up, mark it on all poles and posts, and stick with it. Pretend that I don't have all the flexibility in the world! 


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