• Using tables and table cloths will keep you out of over 50% of the better art shows. Pedestals, book cases, desks or shelf units will make it look more professional.

    If you want to continues using tables, either tighten the covers up so they don't look like cloth or find something different to use in front of the tables. I like the idea of making plywood fronts for the tables and painting them to match the decor of your display. To lighten them, cut out the centers and staple fabric on the back. Use Velcro to attach them to the fronts and sides of your tables. Better is using desks from ProPanels. They're carpeted but you have a choice of carpet colors.

    Loose the mirror and sign. Get rid of whatever the red fabric is on the table. It's drawing your eyes for the wrong reason.

    It looks like you are using an expensive canopy with mesh walls. That's good. Now Two rows of something like these on all three walls will open your booth up and make it look much more professional
    Larry Berman

    • Hi Larry, I have been on your site many times, and until then did I realize that creating a booth is an art unto itself. I highly regard your input and I will go back to work. I do have black wire hat hangers ( should I paint them white to blend in with the walls?). My dilemma will be to make some sort of lightweight pedestals. Or are these used only for booth shot? Must I transport these to shows? Using my camera and skills, I'm afraid the lighting, exposure is the best I can do. When the booth is cleaned up, can you enhance the picture? And if so, in what ways?

      Thanks Again,


      • Using tables with covers really depends on the type of shows you want to do. They are fine for most good local arts/crafts shows as long as kept neat - you can buy pre-fitted covers for standard size tables that fit tightly. The very top end fine art shows may not be your venue anyway as your work would probably be considered in the craft category.

        I can fix up up your booth shot also. With the changes discussed to the image above it would be mostly a matter of enhancing contrast and colors, smoothing out the table covers, sharpening and cloning out any distractions. Then the image file is sized and prepared for ZAPP and other show applications. You can see samples of my booth shots on my website:


      • Hi Kathleen,

        I just finished putting up an article showing examples of finished booth pictures where I've worked with the artists.

        There is nothing that I can't do but it begins with good lighting, a good camera position and good placement of the objects in the booth.

        Larry Berman

  • Pretty good overall. I'd delete the mirror, the sign and the two floor stands for your jury photo (not sure what your showing on the stands as your work appears to be hats). Other than that, maybe brighten the image a little bit and you've got a good shot. 

    • Thank you Barry, I will do just that, delete the mirror, the sign and the two floor stands. Thank you for taking the time to give me input. I am very appreciative.



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