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I'm doing my first show in June and bought and ez up.  I've read all the bad reviews about them so I'm trying to be as prepared as possible.  I keep reading about sta-bars for extra support.  Do these work on ez ups and would they be worth the money?  

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I don't have an EZ UP.  But no matter what type of tent you have, I think sta bars are one of the best investments you can make.



I, too have an EZ-UP, and absolutely get the stay bars! and weights- at least 30 lbs per leg, I use about 50 per leg.

I live in a very windy, coastal zone , so consider stay bars and weights, and ratcheting tie downs with large dog stakes a necessity. 

yes, yes, yes! Best investment I made. The first show I used them a microburst hit the show and almost 2/3 of the tents were damaged. The craft hut across from me was actually wearing another craft hut on top like a hat! (needless to say they didn't weight their tent well at all). I credit the staybars for my tent coming through the storm with no damage, because the legs never had a chance to move. I would also suggest spending a little more and getting a 4th one (when I got the kit it only came with 3 bars). I put it across the front at night and also drop it across the front when I have to close my tent during the day because the weather is bad. It really keeps the frame rigid and much more structurally sound that way.

It's one thing to add stay bars and weights, and another to just get a light dome or Trimline. I think most artists will agree rather than start w an ezup and beef it up , get the right tent to start with. If you have wind, you will not be happy with any precautions you take w an ezup. It may not fly away, but you will be hanginging onto it, and it will be rocking from side to side. The walls are simply not strong enough either. If you go into this business it should be a commitment, and like any business   Be prepared for what you are getting into. Luck plays a roll here and even the sturdiest of tents can fail in a bad storm, but you will at least be assured you did what was prudent in case of  the worst. I have a double trimlime w stay bars and weights that went down last year in Columbus. And still don't have enough weight. I'd like 80 lbs per leg:) its not just the weight, but whAt else holds your set up together? Propanels attach to the perimeter, helps greatly in securing, and bars across the top of the  Panels, and all anchored down. Stake in when you can into the ground, and even drill screws I to asphalt settings from the bottom of the legs. Many shows don't let you do either, some don't care, others do, and some artists do anyway.  Your choice:)

Yes , I got an Ez up four years ago and will keep using the tent but it leaking a mist when it was raining in my last show. The stab bars make a world of difference and if you do not have panels get the upper bars also. Use 40 to 50 pounds in corner and it works best if you attach weights to the stab bars in each corner.

The Sta-Bars are the best investment I have made in my tent/display.  I bought them for my first outdoor show in 2007.  It was in Ocean View Park, which always has a nice breeze.  Looking down the line of tents swaying in the breeze, mine was hardly moving.  The next year about 5 more of our Association's Artists had Sta-Bars, and about every show I do, someone asks where to get them  (Flourish should give me a commission, I've sold about 20 of them!). 

I also use steel gridwalls for displays, attached to the Sta-Bars.  When I expect a lot of wind, I lace the tops to the tent frame with Bungees.  Not sure if that helps, but it makes sense.  One other addition I use sometimes (wish I had Saturday) is a 10 x 10 ceiling tarp.  If your tent is going to leak on the seems, the ceiling tarp catches the drips. 

The answer is a resounding yes, if you have one of the heavy duty EZ-Up frames. There are the inexpensive lawn tents with a low roofline or the ones with small legs. Sta-bars or not, those will collapse when too much rain collects on the top or a cross or diagonal wind hits them. If you have one of the $200 Sam's Club units you'll be okay. I just got a set of Sta-bars this last week and used them this past weekend, A heavy thunderstorm passed through Saturday night  and took out about a dozen tents out of 220. The usual reasons were there; not enough weights, not enough bracing. There was a dumpster on a side street and several tents were dropped off in there sticking up like a bunch of forlorn skeletons. Every one of them were the cheaper tents with the one or one and a quarter inch square legs. My EZ-Up hasn't failed yet, but the Sta-Bars seemed like a good idea. My tent stayed put and the legs didn't move. BTW, a side benfit is tying the bottoms of the Pro-Panel legs to the Sta-bars and keeping them aligned and straighter.

Thanks for all the input.  Looks like I will be buying sta-bars! I also have wire grid panels which I will attach to the tent for extra support as well as the weights.  I appreciate all the advice!

Sara, I had an EZ up and I bought BOTH the lower sta bars and the UPPER sta bars because I had wire grid panels and found it easier to hang the grid walls from the upper sta bars,  In addition, I was able to put curtains behind the grid wall using those same bars.

In addition, if you ever decide to invest in a Trimline, those same sta bars will work.  You will need to purchase different leg brackets for a small investment for the Trimline if and when the time comes.

Hi, I'm new to all this. I also just bought a EZ Up, not a cheap one, and am wondering about these sta-bars. I went to the site and am confused as to which ones I actually need and where they go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil.


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