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I usually snap a picture at my shows of my latest booth display.The photo below is from Virginia Beach last weekend. It is the original photo (made smaller for faster uploading). I usually crop these and play with the color and lighting before I upload them to ZAPP. This summer I did not get into all the shows I wanted to. I am planning on shooting my next booth photo indoors in an empty gallery space. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve this for jurors? Lighting, arrangement, photo editing, etc. I have a 12 megapixel point and shoot. I can set a timer and have it on a tri-pod; and I have access to good lighting. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.


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The bright areas of the canopy are too bright and draw the jurors eyes. There is also a bright area under the back wall. You're not selling plants so they need to be removed. Other than that crop to the edges of the canopy on the sides and bottom and crop to remove most of the top.

Other than that it appears to be OK though difficult to tell without seeing the full size original.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry!

I set up my booth on Friday, indoors, and made a couple changes. I hope this gets me into more shows. I like sending in photos from actual shows but it was suggested to me to set up my booth on a non-show weekend, specifically for this purpose.

Hi Dan,

Looks good. I'd crop in on the sides to the edges of the racks so it doesn't look as much like it was taken indoors. Then a little color correction to take the cast out of the canopy.

Larry Berman

Larry replied while I was eyeballing an enlargement of your photo. 
* Looks like you used a floodlight to light the display.  So I think the color correction needs to include the center and left walls (and the left-most part of the right wall).  EZ to fix this in Photoshop.

* Agree with Larry about the crop.  I might even crop down more from the top (see how you like this idea).
* If you reshoot this again, I'd add a rug for a splash of color (even though you're not in the rug business. ;-)  )  There are a lot of gray tones in walls of panel, bins, and back wall of the room.

* If you can, burn in the four vertical pieces on the right wall.  They're a bit "hot" and missing detail.


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