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Welcome to our Secret Santa-ing group. Names were drawn on Dec. 10. What to do next:

  1. Open that email and you'll find out who you will be sending your gift to. 
  2. Go to that person's link on and leave them a message. If there is not a mailing address ask them to add it to their page. Send a cheery greeting.
  3. Decide on a gift. This is not about $$. It is about sharing your creativity, your art, some cool object that is handmade. Baking cookies is fine too. It's about community. 
  4. Put your package in the mail by December 17. 

  5. Leave comments below if you have questions AND post your gifts with photos if you can. There will be a prize for the most creative response. A highly respected juror will choose the winner.
  6. Deadline for posting is Jan. 14.
  7. The prize will be a silver pendant that comes with a sterling silver chain, your choice in length, created by member Debbie Stillman.

The prize: This is “Oceania’s Baby”.  He’s only 1 1/4” long and is set with a tiny Aquamarine.  He is hand sculpted and is .960 Sterling Silver with a .925 Sterling Silver chain.

P. S. If you don't know how to "add an image" to your comment, click here for help: Get Started

Happy holidays to all my friends in Art Fair Land!

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The names have been drawn -- let the fun begin ... make sure your address is in your "wish list" and you have made your wishes known to Santa.

Hi Connie, by looking at some of the messages on the name draw board, it seems quite a few of us don't have an address to send our gifts to!  Is there some way to send an email to all the participants reminding them that they need to put their addresses in the wish list?  

I'll see what I can do, Sonja. Thanks for the notice.

I just sent her an email ...

Oh thank you, Connie!

Oh my gosh, I can't be more excited to receive my gift from Leslie Turner. I collect nativities and I love all animals. I am also a glass artist, and I love to get art from other glass artists. I Scored So Big!!

Thanks Leslie Turner


Roses in winter, and Kind Eyes, a painting original by Angela Sullivan. Kind Eyes will watch me as I work on my clickity clackity keyboard, and remind me to be patient. The roses share a wall with other great painters that have become friends. Kind Eyes is a small painting about the size of a coaster, perfect sell for those who "don't have any wall space". She is a young girl with wild blond hair, and expressive lips, and, yes, big blue kind eyes. She also gave me a bonus, a card with one of her paintings on it of a snowman, and my favorite, coffee mugs. All my wonderful coffee mugs are trades with other artists. 


Thank you Karla Walz for the beautiful glass night light. It looks fabulous in my dark blue bathroom.

I received a beautiful (AND TOASTY) pair of mittens from Hardcandy Mittens. Thank you Charlotte Besaw! (...And much-needed words of encouragement!)

OMG --- I love these. Does Charlotte knit?

I received my Bee-utiful gift from Cynthia Welch today! A set of eight marble coasters with an adorable bee and flower wreath design. Thank you so much, Cynthia!

You’re welcome, Sonja!  Enjoy!


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