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I knew I shouldn't put the rug down. It always rains in Blowing Rock but my weather app said 0% chance of rain when I put it down. Sadly it was wrong. So I have a well worn rug soaking wet that I just dropped off by the trash trailer on my way up the driveway home. I love the look of the indoor outdoor carpet but it holds a ton of water when it gets wet. So I'm looking at RV rugs which don't seem to come in any usable size. 8' x 10' would work but they seem to be few and far between. If you use an RV rug what size do you use and would you point me to any good sources that will deliver quickly?

I should add that the vast majority of the shows I do are 10' x 10' exactly spaces.  Looking at a 9' x 12' but not sure where to put the extra 2'.

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Go by a "Camping World" or look online @ their offerings.  We have a couple of them we use camping and they do not absorb water, when dry you can just shake off most of the debris and they are very light and roll up easily.  The designs are a bit hokey... but you can get some solid colors I think.  

Good luck.


Oh yes... about the extra 2 feet.. perhaps you could just cut it off... then sew--or have some else, sew they old "hem" onto the cut edge.  If it doesn't have a hem ... you could just use Gaffer Tape (much better than duct tape) and fold it over the edge and replace when necessary or sew it on.   I like the sewing idea best.

again... good luck.

We also bought ours at Camping World.  It is 9' x 12' woven plastic and works really well.  Most shows have 10' x 10' booth size but have space behind the booth so the extra feet go there.  If no space behind, we fold it under.  Because its woven it's no problem.  How was the Blowing Rock show?  We were accepted but had to cancel.

Blowing Rock was good up until it started raining.  It rained for about an hour and stopped and the people came out again but not as many and I didn't sell anything after the rain.  Then it rained again at breakdown which made it pretty miserable.  One nice thing, if it is raining they try and get everyone in with their vehicle instead of making you wait until you have broken down.  I ended up pretty well with 4 framed sales and 3 print sales.

We found an 8x20 at an RV show, when we have a single we just fold it in half, and when a double it's perfect.


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