Hi all,

Here are some raw photos. I would like input on which would be the most like what a jury is looking for. Don't worry about stuff like chair legs and electrical cords showing as I will clean that up later. I also forgot to remove the "BOMH Juried Artist" sign, but will clean that up also along with tidying up table drapes, etc.



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  • I am not a judge, but I think the enlarged one looks nice.

  • Is it too late to move the tables so you have an L shape display? It'll look much better for the picture. Basically the back wall has nothing and the side walls are facing each other instead of the camera.

    Larry Berman

    • Winter has arrived here, so pretty impossible to do a new shoot. The tables are longer than the short rear panel wall so it wouldn't fit. I probably like number 4 best if it isn't critical to show both sides and part of the outside. Opinion?

      • How about posting a picture large enough to evaluate instead of a contact sheet.

        Larry Berman

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