Can anyone help me understand how to use pool noodles in the tent?  I've read the forum but am lost.  Mine are 5ft long and I wedged them in the top edge of the canopy along the frame, but couldn't understand how folding them in half would work. 

For whatever reason, the AZ shows are getting rain this Fall.  It does rain this time of year so maybe I was just lucky in the past.  My tent is a caravan pro.  Sure would like to try this tip.

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  • If you don't want to drill into your canopy struts (because a hole will weaken it structurally), how can you still use pool noodles or hula hoops? I don't use my EZ up that often, but I 'd like to have something I can just throw in the van for emergencies.

  • This is a great link, others can use this for camping, or just about anyone with a pop up tent.  thanks.

  • On my forum resource web site:

    Larry Berman

    • Hi Larry the link was broken, but I googled and found Richard Seigel's instruction, which I think you were refering to.  Thanks for the help.  His is flexible PVC but I "get it" now.  Took a quick look at your article on the "Changing Photography...."  to as always thank you for your tips and advice.

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