Question about California taxes

There was a brief mention of California taxes on the Pacific Coast group a while back. My husband and I have a corporation in Washington State that includes my studio & his publishing biz. If I do a California show am I going to get clobbered by license fees or taxes in some way? I'd appreciate it if someone would help clarify; I'd like to be prepared.

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  • There are some promoters here in New England who tell their exhibitors NOT to register for the show under the corporate name. The tax hit can be hefty. They always tell them to register for the event under their own name as an employee of their corporation. They're doing the show, not the corporation.

    As an example, in New Hampshire there's no sales tax or income tax. But there are corporate taxes. If the exhibitor registers under their own name, no taxes. Under the corporate name...taxes.

  • Talk to Steve Appel on AFI. He has legal info to back up his research. From what I read you get hit hard if you are a C or Sub S corp. Besides sales tax license there is a franchise tax. Blood suckers!
  • Most states have information about their sales taxes on their official websites. You will be expected to collect and send in the sales taxes, so you may as well find out what your obligations are before you do the show. If you only expect to do the one CA show, you may not have to get a CA license, just send in the sales tax you collect.

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