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Hi Folks. 

Newbie here who is planning to begin doing shows in 2018. I am looking for a listing of the art shows organized by application deadline dates. I have looked at the ArtFairCalendar site and it is listed by show dates. I registered with Zapp and it lists shows by name. I am hoping this is a listing or a way to sort the listings in one of these sources to determine when I need to get applications submitted to upcoming shows. Does a calendar listing by app deadline exist? If so, please share.



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There might be a way to sort by deadlines, but the logic is you should know something about the show before applying. That's why the sort by show name is preferred. You can save shows as favorites, or just make a list of shows you plan on applying to.

Larry Berman

I now see there is an "Advanced Search" option in Zapp that allows you to display shows by application deadline per month. That is helping somewhat. The reason I even asked is that I am finding some shows have a 2 month lead time for application while others have 6 month lead times. The Advanced Search in Zapp will be helpful in this regard.

On Zapp in the left above the listings of shows is a box where you can sort them by deadline. That's what I do. Alphabetical is only the default. You can also sort by show start date.  

When you want to look, click "Apply to shows" on your page, otherwise you get every show that is listed on Zapp, some of which will already be past or have not yet posted this year's data. Do this FIRST. Then sort the resulting list as I have described above. 

I also go through the entire country wide list a couple of times a year and put anything I am remotely interested in into "Favorites", then I check that box too (which is at the right), so I am not weeding through shows that might be too far away, not my type, etc. So with 2 boxes checked, there is less to look through.

Ah! I see it now. Thanks Linnea for pointing me to that dropdown menu with sort by deadline! I was just a bit overwhelmed at looking at all the information in Zapp. I guess it will be old hat in a matter of time. Thanks!

Why don't you take a look at the Events Calendar tab running across the top in the blue menu bar? It's the second tab from the left. You'll see a normal calendar with all the shows listed by month. You'll see the Application Deadlines and the Show Start and Show End dates. And these deadline listings are all linked to their applications. Just point and click.

Thanks for the advice, Barrie

I've had this discussion with show directors and don't really get why you'd go to deadlines first. Don't you want to know first when the show will be held, to see if it fits into your schedule? Then wouldn't you want to know where it is held, to figure out if that is a place you want to travel to? and then you'd look for a deadline to see how soon you need to apply. Please enlighten me.

Good question, Connie. Here is my reasoning. I have yet to apply to any shows. I will put my portfolio together on Zapp and get my booth picture worked out and on Zapp. Now, I am ready to look for shows. Well, as of the day I am ready to begin applying for the first time, what shows have not already had their application deadline pass that I wouldn't be able to get into anyway? I want to know what shows have not passed their application deadline, then look at what meets my other criteria (location, show size, type, etc.). Going forward, the ability to sort by application deadline won't be used as much as when I first begin. I hope this sheds some light.

Sounds like you need to start locally to get your feet wet. Look for shows near you and check if they've closed.

Larry Berman

Just curious...when you say "start locally," are you talking about shows that would be listed in Zapp, JAS, Art Fair Calendar, etc? Or, are you talking about small venues that don't use these nationwide listing systems? 

Doesn't matter how they take applications. How far are you willing to travel initially?

Larry Berman

My situation may be a bit unique. The idea of "local" will really not apply to me because I will be living from my RV with no particular location considered "home." If I get started in the winter time, I may opt for starting out in the South or Southwest. If I start up in mid-summer, I may start out in a more northern location. So, it is a little difficult to nail that one down in my case. I may start out working out of my hometown area in Arkansas, but I just as well might start out where i have family living in NC. I am considering several scenarios. I know I am unique in this regard.


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