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If a show uses ZAPP, should there be a reasonable expectation that the show meets a certain quality standard? Recently I was rejected from 2 holiday shows. One, I know is full of buy/sell and mundane crap that would never get into a legitimate show. I was willing to endure being around that stuff because I have done the event in the past and it helps my cash flow. The other one basically told me my work didn't fit in to their trinket low end event. Personally, I think both shows should have returned my app fee if I wasn't going to be judged on quality. I was sucked in to applying because both shows were on ZAPP. Should ZAPP screen shows and eliminate the ones that aren't going to judge on quality? Should ZAPP hold shows to a certain standard, or, should they let any crap fest sucker us in to throw our money away? Does ZAPP have a responsibility to protect us or is it always caveat emptor?

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  • I've been thinking that this is a perfect post for the ZAPP forum where people who read it might be in a position to do something about it.

    Larry Berman

  • Larry, we don't need ZAPP to screen artists. The shows do that. They should follow JAS's lead.

    Yeah, I didn't fit their vision because I didn't make ceramic snowmen. I only applied because I had an expectation that the quality would be at a level above trinkets and lesser crafts. This was based on the fact that they used ZAPP to market their show. One of those shows specifically used ZAPP to get more people to apply instead of making the show better or attempting to attract better buyers. To me, they misrepresented their event.

    • Not an original concept. I'm not going to mention the names of the promoters that do similar things. I know of one that advertises the show is open up until the day before it begins but doesn't tell you your category is filled, and another that doesn't tell you the show is closed but you can apply to be put on a waiting list.

      I'm not going to ask if you've researched the shows because you obviously have. I'd contact ZAPP and tell them the show(s) are using ZAPP to fish for additional jury fees.

      Larry Berman

  • Hey Barry
    ZAPP is just an application system that will take any show willing to pay their fees. Juried Art Services on the other hand, is more particular about the shows they allow to use their system. They even investigated a show that artists complained about when they applied because of JAS's reputation.

    You can ask the shows for your jury fee back, but it sounds like you weren't a fit for the vision of what their show should be. A better suggestion would be to call and see if they have an opening at the last minute, telling them you're a potter.

    And - If you think ZAPP should screen or jury the shows they sign up, imagine if they started screening or jurying the artists who use the system. That would become a nightmare.

    Larry Berman

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