Protecting Paintings during Transportation

A few weeks ago someone commented in this forum about a new product called "art bags" or "art pacs". They were designed to protect artwork during transport. It was NOT gallery pouch. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone else remember, or know of this product? Lisa Crisman

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  • They are called "artstrong" bags. They look great for transporting canvas, but boy, are they pricey. I'm carrying around my canvas in old mat boxes, and I was looking for something more reusable and durable.

    • You can purchase a roll of polystyrene, from uline. Fairly inexpensive.
      Can be gotten in varying thickness and roll width & length.
      Purchase a heat seam machine (not cheap but pays for itself quickly).
      I cut the lengths and seam them, myself. It is very easy and quick. Excellent protection. Very thin so I don't lose a lot of packing room. Cost is so low, I can give them to customers. My metal frame corners, sometimes tear them, if I get careless sliding them in. However cheap enough to replace periodically.
      Good protection for photography, whether framed or just matted.
      If you need greater protection, just double layer your original bag / pouch. (One slightly larger).
      When artwork is not in the pouch, I can just roll the pouches up fairly compact.
      You can choose closed cell or open cell.
  • I am thinking about trying making my own bags with the Reflectix insulation. How do you transport the bags though? My concerns:

    1. I have a variety of painting sizes from 6"x6" to 30"x40". I will probably bring about 40 paintings to each festival. I would like to be able to get at least 1/3rd of the paintings from my vehicle to my booth in one trip. Simply stacking them on a cart is not going to work. I'm afraid even the big ones are going to fall all over the place when moving the cart.

    2. What about while I'm driving? even with these nice bags, I'm afraid that stacking the paintings, especially of different sizes, they might do damage to each other just from the weight of themselves or while driving. 

    • Julia, we currently sell 43x33 GalleryPouch fro $25.29. You can stack them. Two bags side by side will provide 1/4 inch of bubble protection that you cannot pop. These bags will last for years and look professional.

      • Well, Mark, I've been following this discussion with interest. I called a company called Stiffy Bags, which looked more to be like the ones I was interested in, but they are in the UK and don't ship. I looked in to making my own bags from insulation fabric, but just am not sure I want the metal covering touching my art. So, I just placed an order with your company, and a hefty one at that. I sure hope I'm not disappointed, because I have to have these bags for many, many shows over the course of at least a couple of years!

        • Thanks Brenda! Since this is your first order, and multiple bags, did you provide the dimensions of the outside of your frames? For example, a 16x20 frame made with two inch moulding the dimensions of the picture frame would be 20x24, not 16x20. Also, of course if there are any issues please contact customer service so they can take care of it right away. I cant guarantee everything we ship is perfect, but I can guarantee we will fix it as long we are notified.

          We are always interested in feedback on our products. Would you mind telling me what feature you felt the Stiffy Bags have that ours dont?

          • Awesome! I put in the dimensions of the art and the magic genie program you have added inches to accommodate the art. So, I am hoping all will be well.

            What I liked about the actual Stiffy bags is that they provided an outside covering of a stiffer metal-looking product, with the heavy-duty bubble foam inside. My art is affected by heat and sunlight, and I'm worried that if I keep them too long in the storage/transport bags that they will get too hot. I felt the metal would reflect more than just the bubbles. I'm also concerned that your product is not heavy enough to protect the work - but I'll know when I get them. I am not worried about protecting a frame - I don't frame my canvas. So, you see, your product will be in direct contact to my art. What I'm using now is used mat boxes, and the cardboard rubs against the painted canvas and I have to keep touching it up. I don't want to use plastic wrap, because I have had it heat up during transport in my van and stick to the art (I use a heavy lacquer). At the price of the bags, I won't be able to give it away to the customer with the purchase, but I am hoping to make some giveaway bags that will suffice for having them transport to their home from the shows.

            • That makes sense. Our bags are meant to be in between expensive cases with metal or solid plastic and cheap retail bags. Some people use a our bags as retail bags but the price point for the art needs to be pretty high to justify that. You might use acid-free tissue around your art to ensure it does not stick to our bags:


              • I'll look into it. However, tissue is so light, it may stick as well. I do paper art on canvas. There just is no easy solution out there where I can get to them! However, if I do plan another trip to England, I will be picking up some of these bags! ArtStrong makes a perfect bag, but it is really pricey when you get up into the big sizes. I pack my smaller pieces in plastic bins, in between sheets of large bubble wrap, and it's the best solution for the small ones so far, but it's the large pieces that I can't find a remedy for.

  • In case you dont have the time to make your own case or are looking for ideas here is a video about the GalleryPouch bubble bag. They are made from extra heavy duty plastic and bubbles are fully encaplilated making them almost impossible to pop by hand. This allows these bags to be used over and over again to protect your artwork for transportation for a number of years.

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